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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Alams Pardon: Nigeria Is In Emergency Ward; Radical Revolution Inevitable-Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye
It is pathetic that Nigeria is not only sick but equally suffers from a dreadful continental abnormality. The powers of the president to grant pardon in the constitution should be taken away because it has been grossly abused by President Goodluck Jonathan.
Mr. President has grown from being a weak President to a wicked president. He lacks capacity,intellectual mobility, courage and dexterity to move us forward. The granting of pardon to Alams by president Jonathan signifies his endorsement, romance, marriage and love for corruption. Stealing under president Jonathan has grown from the stealing of millions to billions and now trillions. This government is behaving as if they have no legacy intentions. Nigeria is now like a car been driven by a drunken driver.
The worst in the recent national pardon granted by our president is the pardon granted major Magaji, a man who committed sodomy. A man who slept with four men and lost his case both at the court of appeal and Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in her judgement against Magaji described the man's act as a brazen bizarre and barbaric. That his the man our president granted national pardon.
Our country is now in the emergency ward. The amount of tax payers money wasted on the prosecution of this criminals through the anti graft agencies is now wasted. What history and lessons for the future generation? Will these satanic pardon for instance vacate the international warrant on Alams? I dare him to travel to U.K and flash
Jona's pardon at Heathrow. No single politically exposed person has been successfully prosecuted and jailed under Jonathan.
Today all the high profile cases of corruption are buried and forgotten, examples of Halibouton, Siemens, National I.D card, Malabu Oil deal, subsidy fraud, e.t.c. But we shall not keep quiet till the day of reckoning comes.
The battle to salvage Nigeria is the battle of no retreat no surrender. Radical and bloodless revolution is inevitable in Nigeria.
We must all come out of our cocoon and do something before something do us. The minister of petroleum has been indicted by four reports yet she is still elegantly attired and fashioned every Wednesday in diamonds attending the federal executive council meetings under the watchful eyes of an unperturbed President.
Nigeria Omase ooooo. ( Faruk Lawal , imoukode ,Ribadu and NEITI reports). Orubebe and co's international jet setting lifestyle  is being subsidized by the masses. We can not continue like this.
Government protecting criminals like Maina of pensions against the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Every Nigerian must decide to either walk in the light of creative altruism or we perish in the darkness of relative selfishness. Above all we shall overcome.
 Dino Melaye
 Executive secretary
 Anti Corruption Network

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