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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Opposition Groups Aim To Destroy PDP, Laments Bamanga Tukur

Bamanga Tukur
By SaharaReporters, New York
Fleeing an indifferent health sector inflicted on Nigeria by his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), National Chairman Bamanga Tukur has warned members not to succumb to the antics of the opposition, whom he described as being bent on destroying the PDP.
In a statement issued in London against the backdrop of reports of internal moves to ease him out of power in the party, Tukur said he has done no wrong to any member of the party to warrant any gang-up against him, and that he would continue to serve the party to the best of his ability.
Apparently concerned about what may transpire in his absence, Alhaji Tukur stressed that the agenda of reconciliation by his leadership is the only solution to the sustained rumblings among members.  He vowed transparency and openness, stressing that every aggrieved person in the party is free to approach the National Headquarters and the leadership concerning their grievances.
“While I take care of my health, I urge party members to continue to support the National Working Committee (NWC) in its drive towards re-launching the PDP into a more formidable structure capable of winning and winning elections without stress,” he said.
Tukur said that every action he has taken since he became the Chairman was in the interest of the party, and in line with the set agenda of Reconciliation, Reformation and Rebuilding of the party at all levels in Nigeria.
“Some members may not like the idea of ensuring openness and transparency in the manner which we conduct our affairs,” he said, arguing that openness and transparency remain the best tools for ensuring progress in the party.
Restating his love for the PDP, he said, “If I am serving PDP at my age, the reason is not because I want anything as gains, the reason is that serving the ruling party amounts to serving my nation. I have my nation to serve and diligently too, because the country has made me.
“So for me, it is a payback time for the country that made me who I am. So why would I complain in the face of stiff challenges.”
He commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his support of the party.
“The President had endorsed every action we took with conviction that they were all in the good interest of the PDP. The governors have been supportive too. We have been in touch and they keep on assuring me of their support.”
Tukur thanked members of the PDP for being steadfast, and called on them to be wary of the threats by opposition groups to “pull down” the PDP at all costs.
The irony of the party chairman seeking medical treatment in London, alongside top officers of the government, governors, the First Lady and privileged Nigerians all over the map, seemed completely lost on Mr. Tukur. 
His party has ruled Nigeria since 1999, and citizens routinely complain of its pervasive corruption and overwhelming indifference, resulting in a dearth of workable institutions, including hospitals.

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