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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Before we ‘port’ to APC: Is Tinubu and Buhari really ready? – Adekoya Boladale

apcBefore Monday last week Nigeria mobile subscribers have been in captive of telecom operators. It is a slavery to be hooked to a non-performing, fraudulent and carefree company with no alternative to switch side without losing contact with friends and family. So you can imagine the joy and sigh of relief on the faces of these helpless subscribers when the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) rolled out the Mobile Number Portability exercise; a system that gives subscribers the opportunity to switch between telecom operators without losing the widely known-with mobile number.
If these telecom operators have kept subscribers in captive then Nigerians are in nothing short of hell. The country is presently been led by a political party that has failed in all ramification. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been running the administrative and structural affairs of this country for fourteen years and the only significant thing they have achieved so far is the revamping of the telecom industry which is even rumored to have been kick started by the Late Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime, other than this the nation has been thrown into perpetual corruption, maladministration, dictatorship, insecurity, deceit, aggressive hunger, betrayal and numerous loans. To say the least, PDP murdered that infant baby called Nigeria right from birth.
Like the telecom industry Nigerians deserve the right to ‘Port’ to a better, people oriented, creative, sincere and visionary political party. It is high time the country gain freedom from the captive of the mighty. However, the big question is to which political party? It is certain that come 2015 the Peoples Democratic Party will be widely denounced by change seeking Nigerians who can’t wait to enjoy good governance and development but which political party posses the qualities that Nigerians long for?
A fortnight ago the former Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) concretized the move to merge with other opposition parties to form All Progressive Congress (APC), a move which was widely supported by all members present at the national convention. During this period the party made available the manifesto of the new political party which they (merged political parties) believe would solve the manias in the country.
Obviously the most reasonable alternative party presently is the All Progressive Congress (APC), I understand some Nigerians feel the need to have a political party free from politrickers and opportunists, a party solemnly formed and funded by ordinary Nigerians who have no hidden or personal agenda whatsoever, however the present political structure of the country coupled with the political orientation and level of public awareness of vast majority of Nigeria electorates will make this impossible at this point in time. However, the All Progressive Congress really needs to put its house in order. Its decision in the next few months will determine if truly it has what it takes to deliver Nigerians from these shackles of slavery.
The attempt to renegotiate the oil deals is a laudable plan but this brings to mind the question of to whose ends would the renegotiation favour? Ordinary Nigerians and oil producing communities or the new breed of sycophants and rogues that my end up dominating the villa? The plan to also investigate the oil revenues and past political office holders is well thought of but is the party truly ready to face the challenges of combing corruption which requires that no sacred cow be left untouched? Would the party be ready to prosecute ex-governors, senators and honourables who have contributed immensely to the sour situation of the country even when these people are founding members of the party? Is the party ready to put the likes of Tinubu, Okorocha, Amosun, among others on the stand if need be?
Nigerians have been promised white elephant for so long that we easily realize when such lies are been told. Am not disputing the ability of APC to perform, that would be like condemning the masquerade before it get the chance to dance but I strongly believe Nigerians are tired of sweet and cheap talks channeled only to winning voters sentiments and emotional. If truly APC is ready to be the vehicle of change for Nigeria then we require a party that will opens its arms to welcome ideas and inputs from the people especially the youths, and not one that claims to be constructing a merger committee without the presence of the ‘future generation’. The party also has to take into cognizance the importance of the female gender as a resourceful and core element in nations building rather than the usual role of augmenting political formation and political gender equality gospel.
Above all, the most germane tasks of the party is ensuring an open and democratic presentation of a truthful, brilliant, courageous, dogmatic and God fearing individual to bear the party’s flag in 2015 and not just some handpicked scholars who lacks absolute knowledge about leadership. Nigerians can no longer take the nonchalant attitude of an acclaimed president to multiple civil genocides. The pills of hunger and unemployment shoved down our throat can no longer be accepted. What we require is a listener and a performer rather than an ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ leader.
On a last note, Mr. Tinubu and General Buhari should be aware that this time around it is no longer a Bourdillion or Daura affair which the world gives little attention to how it goes down. The situation at hand is long pass a beer parlour selection and negotiation mode, Nigerians are watching with keen interest if truly the APC is what it preaches.
Adekoya Boladale is a political scientist and wrote via
Twitter: @adekoyabee

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