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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pastor Bakare Calls On Men Of Goodwill To Unite For Progress Over Enemies

Pastor Tunde Bakare
By SaharaReporters, New York
Pastor Tunde Bakare has called on all Nigerians of goodwill to unite, work together and pull their resources together to advance the course of justice, peace and progress in the country.
“This moment in our collective history calls for sober reflection and eternal vigilance of an awakened, sensitized and engaged citizenry,” he told the national convention of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in Abuja today.  “The enemies of our national progress will not fold their hands and those who have benefited and are benefiting from the present chaos will not wish us well.”
If corruption must be halted and the tide of violence and mass murder of citizens all across the nation stemmed, he told the convention, it was essential for men of goodwill to collaborate.
“Twenty (20) years after Hope ’93, it appears another Hope is in the horizon,” the CPC BOT member, and Vice Presidential Candidate for the 2011 Election, said.  “The Merger Talks, Processes & Possibilities have for some time now dominated the polity and the consciousness of Nigerians home and abroad. The question at the back of our people’s mind is simply whether or not 2013 will present us a Better & Brighter Hope than 1993.”
He described as “pathetic” the fact that 53 years after independence, Nigeria is a nation in fear.
Regretting that the youth have no jobs and many of them are learning to employ themselves as robbers, kidnappers, thugs and militants, the pastor said,
“In place of hope and inspiration there is panic and cynicism everywhere. We cannot fold our hands and allow kleptocracy to ruin our hard earned democracy that is still in its infancy after 14 years of uninterrupted civil rule.  If it is true and I believe that it is; “that the power of the people is much greater than the people in power”, let the agents of change use the power of credibility to influence the ongoing process and with trustful give and take, prioritize our people above personal interest and deliver Nigeria from the stranglehold of corruption, violence, lawlessness, deep seated poverty and total annihilation.

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