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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Arewa Youths Oppose Elders Over 2015

Say Jonathan Is Qualified To Contest As A Nigerian 
A SERIOUS crack appeared in the North Friday, over the plans by the Arewa elders to produce a Northern Presidential candidate to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 presidential contest, as the Northern Youths Forum (NYF) said that its members will only support any candidate for the leadership of the nation on the basis of merit irrespective of ethnic or religious background.
  Besides, the Arewa youths specifically criticized the recent joint statement by the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and other elders groups which condemned President Jonathan over the crisis in Rivers state, other political upheavals and the sorry state of the economy, saying that the current negative situation in Nigeria was a result of the maladministration by some of the Northern leaders who are now criticising the government of the day.
  They lampooned the Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Prof Ango Abdullahi and the ex-while Minister of Agriculture, Alhaji Sani Zango Daura and other groups of elders in the North for exhibiting hypocratical tendencies concerning the present state of the nation, “pretending  to have forgotten that their acts of commission and omission while in government brought this nation and indeed the north to its present difficulties”.
  In a statement signed by the Director, Media and Publicity of NYF, Mallam Bello Gambo Bichi, the Northern Youths said: “  it may not  to long before Nigerians and particularly Northerners begin to question whether the present lawlessness is not a direct result of their poor leadership legacies”.
  Abdullahi, last Tuesday, led a joint press conference of Arewa Elders to criticised Jonathan on his role in the crisis in Rivers state and also unveiled the readiness of the north to ensure that the Presidency comes back to the region in 2015.
  However, the Youths Spokesman, Mallam Bichi remarked: “ the crisis in the Governors Forum or the crisis in the ruling party are all a case of their past misdeeds hunting the present generation. And sensing the consequences of their misadventure while in government, they are now quickly shying away from the truth and diverting public attention from a disease to the symptom of the disease”.
  “They thought Nigerians and indeed Northerners might have forgotten the link between their past failures as leaders in contemporary Nigerian political history and the current lawlessness. 
  “They suddenly want to play the superman, who just came out of the blues to save Nigeria through Press Conference. In fact what they could not do to make Nigeria better when they served in various capacities as Presidential Advisers and Ministers, they are now doing so through Press Conferences”.
  “The Zango Dauras and Angos of this world want to blindfold Nigerians and indeed Northerners to beleiving that a President they accuse of seeking self-perpectuation is wrecking havoc on his immediate constituency of Niger Delta, particularly Rivers state”.
“ How would anyone in his right senses beleive this? The crisis in Rivers State is a constitutional matter which the leaders of that state  be allowed to resolve amicably; and not just someone from afar fueling the crisis in the name of imaginary ambition of some leaders”.
  Bichi argued that “ we challenge the duo of Ango and Daura to tell Nigerians and the north what they did to add value to the lives of Nigerians. Professor was Presidential Adviser on food security, what did he do to impact positively on the lives of Nigerinas while in office? Alhaji Daura was Minister of Agriculture, he should tell Nigerians and indeed the North at he is pretending to be fighting for, what impact he made as Minister of Agriculture”.
  The Arewa youths continued: “While we condemn in strong terms the negative utterances of the elders from any section of this country, we take exception to the press conferences designed to promote selfish interest at the expense of all Nigerians. 
  “And in terms of national leadership, we advocate for a good leader and not just a Northern leader. Nigeria would be greater without ethnic champions, who cry over spilt milk. The future of the north will not and cannot be compromised to serve individual interest”.
  Meanwhile, the ACF National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Anthony Sani, who  spoke with The Guardian on whether the North was disposed to producing Nigeria President in 2015, said: “But we understand that zoning has been killed and meritocracy has taken the center stage in producing the nation’s president in 2015.
  “So, everybody is free to contest and the North is not an exemption. We shall contest base on merit...there is nothing stopping the Ibos from also contesting the election. The presidency should be opened to all sides of Nigeria,” he added.     Guardian

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