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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Corruption: The Begining And The End

Corruption: The Begining And The End
 Some things cannot be undo. Not because they are beyond doing but because they will not be done. Therefore, it continues to live as long as it can. But by living it is prone to growth. Developing as wide as it can. In anything that lives, its end is its death, and its death is how long it had survived. However, the longevity of life is forever a thing of nature because nature gives a forever-life to certain things. One of which we are about diving into. It is no longer a ditch but a river that has flooded its bank, and is gradually washing away the entire land.

  If I blame it all on Eve I guess I'm on point because she was first to break the law. She stole! That was corruption. And to tie Adams tongue, she gave to him a portion of what had been stolen. That was bribery. But it was done before they knew the price for their action. With tears and sweat they regretted bringing to life a destructive pathogen in a lifeless soul. They tried to end it but couldn't kill it. And so they passed away leaving the lifeless life in life.

  What Adam and Eve did was correction. They realized they had started what they cannot finish and so they avoided the alien until their death. But avoiding a crime isn't the end of the crime. It is only a postponement of an event that must occur. And by this, it only gets mature, as someone else might pick it up and watch it grow like grains.  As it grows, it does this with a formidable force, building itself into the proverbial cat with nine lifes. At this point, the longevity of life begin to work in its favor.

  Adam and Eve got it wrong to have sought just forgiveness. They were selfish. They broke the law of humanity. Another corruption!

  Did I just confuse you? Perhaps I should rephrase it. Adam and Eve bought their comfort careless of those that will live after them. I mean, they could as well ask for the end of the alien they had invited and not just forgiveness. But because they've found correction,which is the power to avoid, they turned away from solution, which is the power to undo. And that was how corruption became one mountain that can no longer be moved . The time has passed!

  I wasn't so interested until I heard someone saying 90% bribery and corruption is caused by men. Of course he was right. But why would men always choose to be corrupt? I kept asking myself this question until Bob Marley's "No woman, no crime" hit my eardrum. Again I ask myself, why would women always choose to initiate crime? Then I found out every woman cherish a beautiful shoe, a nice perfume, and a customized jewelry to make her the princess she had always wanted to be. And how does she get this done? Of course her beloved husband, her caring father, that dream son of hers, and the only brother she's ever got will give it all it takes to watch her smile. What a life upon men!

  When I heard Nigeria was ranked the second most corrupt nation in the world. I was forced to research what it looks like to be a Nigerian woman. And my report shows that only 5% of Nigerian women are super-comfortable, 10% are comfortable, another 10% are less comfortable, and the rest are not just comfortable. Therefore, with statistics showing 75% of our women living in penury, I wonder if Bob Marley's philosophy actually hit it well on Nigerians.

  Corruption itself is a kind of solution. And if we wouldn't substitute reality for morality, I know you will agree with me that protocol in Nigeria is one mighty problem that lives like it is no problem. I came about this as I was wondering what the Nigerian men has to show for being corrupt in a society with very little regards for women. It was at this point that I knew something different was actually responsible for our current position in the world record.

  No place carries protocols like Europe, and there's no where protocol is reliable like the western world. This is because protocols are made with consideration, not crucifixion. In Britain, protocol is a win-win game between the government and the people. Laws however strict will one way or the other have a positive impact on the people, and they are made such that pre-existing laws wouldn't stand as obstacle in the light of seeing it comfortably obeyed. This is flexibility of law.

  In Nigeria, protocol is a death sentence. So harsh that its rigidity, the common man cannot withstand. And in the course of being patriotic, other laws will make you guilty of being the Nigerian you want to be. By the time you sum up the whole thing, you can only count losses, not blessings. And like hunting squirrel with a matchet, the hunter returns with neither the squirrel nor the matchet.

  If protocol becomes a problem, definitely corruption becomes the solution as people can't just afford being a looser. There possibly might not be a second chance! This is the story of Nigeria and I can say vividly that it is responsible for our current ranking. What Nigeria is suffering is the management of protocols not corruption. And for your information, the whole world is a corrupt place because everybody is guilty of the real definition of corruption. Although some have managed to disappear from the league table. But if you ask me, corruption are the lies told about anything. It is a person fraternizing with the enemies of his people. It is that father preferring one child to the other. Infact, corruption is that unfaithful partner that hasn't just been caught. Therefore, if I say corruption is everybody's fault, you should know it isn't all about financial crimes.

  Today, Nigerians have resigned to corruption because protocol is not worth talking about. With protocol, a student makes good grades yet he is denied admission into the university. With protocol, the complainant becomes the accused while the suspect is discharged and acquitted. If only someone can tell me! Tell me why to get a job in Nigeria is to sacrifice your first few salaries. Tell me why the 2nd choice in a JAMB form is as good as useless. Of course I will be pleased to hear a different story. But if by any way it has a link to my opinion, I will be proud to say that it is with protocol we have made this land a hell for he who's got no shoulder to lean on.

  The responsibility of a sane mind is to protect his own life. And protecting one's life is making effort to seeing one's self comfortable. Can we review this using the logic of tautology? Of course we can! And it goes thus. To be comfortable is to find ease, and to find ease is to be painless. But when someone is in pain, a serious one, he care less how he finds ease. Therefore, if anybody looses faith and sees comfort achievable the other way round, don't blame him, he is not just comfortable being uncomfortable.

  I can read your mind. And I have the answer to your question. Yes corruption exist in Europe despite the reliability of their protocols. But unlike Nigeria where corruption is in fact a solution, the corruption in Europe is a crime. You want to know why? Corruption over there doesn't necessarily result from pain because of the standard protocols they maintain. As a graduate you have jobs, as an undergraduate you have benefits, and as a citizen you have a reason to be responsible. A nursing mother is cared for and the aged ones are properly monitored. Good health care services and prompt emergency attention is also one thing that draws commendation. And because it is worth it, you can pay taxes without wearing the face of a bull dog. Thus, if I say corruption in Europe is uncalled for compared to what we have here. I mean theirs is just another research project.

  At this point, I will like to remind us It is not my words that "a stitch in time saves nine". But in the case where nine is been destroyed in the very first attack, both the thread, the niddle, and the doctor will have a work free day. what about that?
  However, as I insist that corruption is but a solution in Nigeria, I have not concluded it no crime. But it is only a crime because, 'so it has been written, and so it shall be done'. Therefore, if you take my view as a cheer for any illegal activity, I'm sorry you are just steps away from resting behind bars.

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