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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

For Fear Of Jonathan, PDP BoT Secretary Disowns Nephew For Joining CPC

Wali Jibrin
By SaharaReporters, New York
A jittery secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees, Wali Jibrin, today publicly disowned a nephew of his for joining the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). Mr. Jibrin, a former senator, disowned Imrana Jibrin, a son of his late brother and former military governor of Kaduna State, Group Captain Usman Jibrin. The nephew’s sin was to announce over the weekend in their native Nasarawa State that he was becoming a member of the CPC.
“Senator Wali disowning his own brother’s son is an abomination,” said a source who is related to both men. The source, who asked for anonymity, added: “I understand that he [Mr. Wali] may be afraid of losing relevance in the PDP and influence with President Goodluck Jonathan, but it is still wrong for him to deny family ties because of politics.”
In publicly berating his nephew, the PDP’s BoT secretary affirmed his loyalty to President Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo. He also stated that his ten biological children were loyal to the nation’s two top public officials, adding that his offspring were under his control.
Another source in Lafia described Mr. Wali as hungry for power, adding that his action had left many friends and family shocked and chagrined. “Why should a man like him go astray simply because of President Jonathan’s largesse? Why should he let politics tear his family apart? A man like him should not drag issues in the family to the public in this shameful way,” the source said.
According to the two men’s relative, “We could not believe this today. Just because Imrana joined CPC, Wali has gone wild ignoring the fact that Imrana has [a] right to decide his future and express his political ideology.”
Mr. Wali’s open statement disowning of his nephew, which was circulated and advertised in several Nigerian newspapers, media read:
“My attention has been brought to an article in yesterday’s Leadership Newspaper’s page 11 titled: ‘PDP BOT Secretary’s son joined CPC.’ Normally I shouldn’t have joined issues with the so-called son or the CPC itself but for the great respect I have for some CPC leaders and to keep the record straight. The Jibrin family is a wider spectrum of family setup with identified blood relationship. For example, within the family we have Walid Jibrin having 10 children, Usman Jibrin 22 children, Mailafiya Jibrin 12 children, Abdullahi Jibrin 8 children, Hajia Bamayi Jibrin 1 child, Zaliha Jibrin 1 child, Hajia Jami Jibrin 4 children, Malam Jafaru Jibrin 3 children. The Imrana Usman Jibrin who is purported to have joined the CPC is the son of [the] late Usman Jibrin who died 2 years ago. Even though Imrana is the son of my brother, I have no absolute control over him as I have over my 10 children who are intact and fully under my control.
“Imrana, the son of Usman Jibrin, has allowed himself to be cheaply used by some desperate CPC leaders in Nasarawa State to tarnish my hard-earned name and to damage my honor and integrity. My only crime used by the opposition is that I have absolute control of the politics of our ward, LGA and the state dominated by the PDP leadership. They are also against my loyalty to President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Arch. Namadi Sambo.
“I want to assure the general public that the coning into politics of Imrana, the son of Usman Jibrin, will only strengthen my faith and support for the PDP in Nasarawa State and Nigeria in general. I call on the members of PDP in Nasarawa State and my Laminga ward in particular to remain calm as there is no any break (sic) in the Jibrin family. I will continue to respect my late brother Usman Jibrin, his four wives and all his remaining children. Imrana’s disloyalty and anarchy to me will never change my attitude towards the family of Usman Jibrin. The relationship will continue to be stronger with them.”


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