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Thursday, 25 July 2013


by Abbas Jimoh

Gulak made the comment when he received a delegation of religious and traditional leaders under the auspices of National Prayer Coalition for Goodluck 2015, an arm of the Goodluck Support Group (GSG).
“Many Nigerians know that there can be no meaningful development where there is no peace. We know some leaders who said head will roll and blood will flow if Jonathan emerge the President. With God destination, he emerged and he has been the best thing that can happen meaning that Nigeria cannot break-up. This is why we must all work together for Nigeria’s progress.
“The opposition were defeated in 2011 and they will be defeated again in 2015. The opposition controls the press but President Jonathan controls the people. He will not be there forever, someone spent eight years as President, he too will spend his constitutionally guaranteed eight years and leave, his work will continue to speak for him more than it is speaking for him now. Forget about the evil doers, who wanted to bring Nigeria to its knees, but they would not succeed,” Gulak said.
Director of the GSG on religious affairs, Archbishop Leonard Kawaz, who spoke on behalf of the delegation, said they have begun to work to mobilise Nigerians and on what is happening in the country in term of progress.
 “We are seeing what the president is doing in education sector, Airport rehabilitation, availability of fuel and fertilizers among others are some of the work we are all seeing as Gods manifestation in the country,” he said.

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