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Monday, 22 July 2013

Jonathan’s 2015 Ambition Is Harmful – Musa

Second Republic Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has blamed President Goodluck Jonathan for the political crises in Rivers State and the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, saying Jonathan’s ambition for second term is harmful to Nigeria.
Musa told SUNDAY PUNCH that the outcome of the NGF election, where Governor Jonah Jang, who got 16 votes against Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s 19, was recognised by the President as the NGF chairman, showed that Jonathan was determined to return as President in 2015.
He said, “The Nigeria Governors’ Forum is a situation which implies the determination of the President to return as the President in 2015. There is no way the President can convince any reasonable and informed Nigerian that he has no hand in the ridiculous rejection of a free, fair and transparent election in which 35 governors participated.
“Jonathan’s ambition for second term is a blind ambition that can harm Nigeria because there is no way you can get whatever you want in Nigeria simply because you are the chief executive. Nigeria is not a Banana Republic.”
Musa, who is also the National Chairman of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, added that the ongoing crisis in Rivers State had its roots in the belief that Amaechi would not support Jonathan’s second-term agenda.
He noted that it was for same reason Timipre Silva was denied second term as governor of Bayelsa State.
“The whole crisis in Rivers State is about the ambition of the President for 2015 presidential election. The president is not happy with the disloyalty of Governor Rotimi Amaechi. He believes Amaechi, who is from his base-South-South-will not support him for the 2015 election. He had the same problem with the former governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Silva. It is for the reason he removed Silva. There is no way to interpret the crisis in Rivers State other than in terms of the ambition of the President,” he said.
Musa also called for devolution of powers of the President for the survival of democracy.
He said recent events in the country had shown the level to which the power of incumbency had been abused.
“It is my opinion that especially at the federal level, the power of the executive must be reduced, if not, the thought of democracy in Nigeria will be more fallacious than reality. If anybody who becomes President thinks he can do anything he wants, then we basically have a culture of impunity and we do not have democracy but civilian rule,” he said.

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