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Thursday, 25 July 2013

“Maverick” Nzeribe speaks out on an Igbo man in Aso Rock in 2015, Tukur’s desk clearing and #ChildNotBride

Nzeribe412.jpg vanguard

Everyone is talking about the presidential election, which you sometimes have to kick yourself in the foot is still two years away. Now, Senator Arthur Nzeribe, a man known for saying it as he sees it, on Wednesday asked fellow Igbos to forget the idea of producing the next president, because of what Nzeribe called the ethnic group’s lack of unity.
Put plainly, the man whom the Vanguard describes as the “Oguta-born maverick politician” said that Igbos are just not ready to produce the country’s president.
He also spoke out on the travails of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party. The solution is simple – National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and members of the National Working Committee must go. Or as he colourfully put it, ‘’the PDP must clear the desk, including Bamanga Tukur, to get it right.”
Back to that elusive presidential prize, Nzeribe expressed his frustration over the endemic disarray amongst  Igbo politicians: “Until we start speaking with one voice, we cannot get the Presidency. We should not try it now, we are not just ready for anything like that, we must first put our house in order.”
He also said that Nigerians should realise that on the 2015 polls, the country was bigger than anybody, irrespective of status. Politicians therefore, must put their selfish interest in their “handbags” to save the country.
For example, Nzeribe wants those advocating that President Goodluck Jonathan not go through the rigour of primaries to emerge as the Presidential candidate to keep their “personal opinion” where it belongs – in the opinion box. The President must present himself with everyone else for the party’s presidential primaries. After all, he has all it takes to nick the prize.
In Nzeribe’s words: ‘’It is the personal opinion of those who said President Jonathan must not go through primary election. He must present himself, I can bet that President Goodluck Jonathan will win at the People Democratic Party primaries”.
Yes, and on the small matter of the Senate’s vote on such things as local government autonomy and s. 29(4)(b), he is on their side. Vintage Nzeribe.

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