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Thursday, 11 July 2013


  • I read from news sources that the voting blocs in the Christian Association of Nigeria have unanimously re-elected you as President of the association again, and I hereby congratulate you for this.

    I don't know if your re-election was the result of a contest between you and some other candidates or candidate, but I must remark that current events in the nation, which your association helped in no small way to fester have made the credibility of your association to wane considerably such that many credible Christians are now having a hard time to identify with this association.

    CAN, particularly under your leadership, has been reduced to a sounding board for the criminal elite misruling and ruining the nation. You seem to have compromised the values, integrity and truth of the Christian religion on the altar of ethnic, tribal and parochial interests of the scoundrels you misled the gullible church goers to vote for in the last elections. The result is the shameful misgovernance and anarchy in the land today for which Christians are now looked at as fools and bigots. I must point out to you that by dragging CAN to endorse and campaign for these social misfits who are not fit to be Headmasters of any primary school you have merely made the church to be seen as "enemy of progress."

    To make matters a stretch more complicated, you have never ever been seen or heard taking a stand against the monumental corruption being perpetrated by these same people you cavort with, and neither have you been seen or heard advising or cautioning them against their "war against democracy" in Rivers State and in the Governors Forum. The issues of national interest of which your association failed to take a stand on are many, but it has been observed that you always find time to attack honest and patriotic Nigerians like General Buhari and Nasir el-Rufai, which has made observers to believe that you seem to have a rabid hatred for Muslims, especially those from the north, which is contrary to biblical exhortations. And permit me to politely tell you that this General Buhari whom you seem to hate so much is 2.6 trillion times better than your Goodluck Jonathan in honesty, integrity, character, nationalism, patriotism, intellect and morality, and before Jonathan can attain his honour he will have to trek for 2.6 trillion miles on the path of discipline.

    I want to believe that the voters in CAN re-elected you so that you can undo the grievous damage you and others did to the image and integrity of the Christian religion in Nigeria by cavorting with morally bankrupt politicians in your party, the PDP. And on this score, kindly let me advise that you steer CAN on the path of neutrality in politics, but in case you cannot resist the urge of playing politics then kindly register CAN as a political party at INEC so that "Christians" in Nigeria can have a platform on which they can rule the country alone. It will also give a political platform for "marginalised" Christian tribes in the north and the Middle Belt to secure votes from the "Christian South" so that they can be President, Governors and Legislators. But for now quite a good number of us Christians find your romance with the PDP, an evil political organisation reprehensible and shameful.

    I pray that in your second tenure you will have the courage to attack corrupt politicians in power without the fear of them grounding or seizing your private jet.

    And may the church in Nigeria wake up and restore love and orderliness in the country.

    Thank you.
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