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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Bishop of Bomadi Catholic Diocese, Vicarage Hyacinth Egbebor, in his homily at theburial of late Azazi, blamed the helicopter crash that killed the former National Security Adviser, Andrew Azazi; former Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa, and four others, on corruption leading to the inability of the government to construct good roads. maintaining that if the East-West road was good and motorable, there would not have been any reason for Azazi and Yakowa (Late Governor of Kaduna) to have traveled from Bayelsa to Rivers state by air, when ordinarily the journey wold not take more than 2hrs by road if the roads were good or if we had alternatives like a working rail way. The Bishop spoke directly to Jonathan and his wife who were at the burial ceremony to the point that reports alleged that president Jonathan and his entourage felt insulted that the president had to mount the podium to counter what the bishop has said. Azazi, Yakowa and the others were gone. Today, the mother of the wife of the president is a victim. Yes, hundreds of Nigerians have died on that road since the death of Azazi and co, but no attention was paid because they are called "ordinary Nigerians" who are not worth more attentions. Today, another prominent Nigeria has become a victim and we expect many reaction because an extra-ordinary Nigerian is involved. I remember that my friend, Alaesta Alesta Wilcox, who recently became a fellow of the chartered accountants had an accident that almost took his life and is still sitting on the bench today, more than two months after the incident. Anyway, it did not make the head lines and others who lost their lives did not make the headlines because they are 'ordinary Nigerians'. The challenge that we have in Nigeria is that a lot of us have short memories and do not care to remember. We must put things in place, see all lives as equal so that life will be meaningful for the rich and the poor, the high class and the low class and everyone will be happy. However, one good thing about the east-West road and other projects that have not been receiving attentions in Nigeria is that they have made many government officials like ministers, commissioners, presidential aides and president billionaires. The East-West road have sure done.
may the soul of Azazi, Yakowa, the mother of Dame patience Goodluck rest in peace.

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