Lest you think that Queen Elizabeth II is all manners and no sass, let us introduce you to a rarely-seen queen, one that resembles your typical moody teenager.
We dug up this clip of the queen and her mother, the late Queen Mum, attending a horse race (like British royals are wont to do). Funny enough, their rapport is not much different than our own relationships with our mums -- we talk back more often than we'd like to admit. It goes without saying that the queen was much more graceful and well-mannered while doing it, though. Here's how the exchange went:
Queen Elizabeth II: "Do you know I haven't watched from a pair of binoculars for ages? Look at it -- pouring with tears!"
Queen Mum: "Oh dear."
Queen Elizabeth II: "I always watch on television..."
Queen Mum: "It's the emotion, perhaps."
Queen Elizabeth II: "No, no! I watch on the television. No, mummy, if you look into the wind like that...
And then we lose what she's saying, since we're not up on our Britishisms. The point is, no amount of good breeding can fight nature. So prepare yourself, Kate Middleton.
They grow up so fast, don't they?