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Monday, 26 August 2013

'I Thought The Plane Was Going To America' - Boy Who Hides Himself In Arik Aircraft Tyre Confesses

Daniel Ihekina, the young boy who was arrested at the arrival terminal of Lagos’ MuritalaMuhammed International Airport on Saturday thought he was going to the United States Of America.

According to investigators, the youngster made the desperate move in an effort to travel abroad.

While confessing to FAAN officials after his arrest, Daniel claims maltreatment he received from his parents forced him to attempt to leave them for good.

Daniel Ihekina said he was disappointed when he discovered he was still in Nigeria.

The alleged hero of many Nigerians has been handed over to SSS Officials for further investigation as his parents head to Lagos to pick him up.

Daniel Ihekina allegedly hid himself in the tyre compartment of a Lagos-bound Arik Air flight on Saturday. The flight took 35 minutes.

Unknown to him another boy who made the desperate move in 2010 was found dead when theplane landed in America.

Can you spot the disappointment on his face?


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