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Monday, 26 August 2013

My Dad wept when Buhari made him his running mate — Tunde Bakare’s daughter reveals

Bakare and his family
Tunde Bakare and family

In a recent interview with PUNCH , Pastor Tunde Bakare’s daughter, Olubunmi Bakare – a Political Science graduate from the Emory University, Atlanta, United States – disclosed that her dad actually wept Gen. Muhammadu Buhari made him his running mate for the 2011 election.
When asked if Tunde Bakare discussed his election campaign process with the family, Olubunmi said
“Let me tell you a story about that. I was the only one at home the day Gen. Muhammadu Buhari called him. He was downstairs and I was upstairs. After receiving the call, he ran to my room and broke down in tears. I have never seen my dad cry except for some scenes in one or two Nollywood movies.
I have not actually seen him cry. I asked him what the matter was. He said Gen. Buhari just called and asked him to be his running mate. He said people would think his stance on the state of the nation was for political office whereas it was never his intention. I told him the development was totally different from what he stood for because I know that the overriding interest of my father is the growth and development of the country.
I remember some of the things he had told us when he was growing up about his love for Nigeria’s advancement. I also remember the dream I had earlier about my father having a significant role to play in the reshaping of Nigeria. I then told him to accept the offer because I know he has a very pure heart.”
How did you feel when he lost the election?
The family accepted the outcome with a sense of pride. This is because a lot of people see so many things that are wrong but when it comes to the point of laying their lives and everything they have on the line, they shy away from that responsibility.
We were all involved in the electioneering. Though not all of us were around but my mother, siblings and I were with him when he was on the campaign tour. My father did his best. He also accepted the outcome in good fate. But I know that ultimately, he did what he was supposed to do at that moment in time and the end will justify the means.
If he decides to contest again will you encourage him?
Definitely I will. My father is not a rash man. I know him to be extremely thoughtful. He reflects and prays. I know that whatever he does is because he has clarity in his spirit and God will support him. He is not doing all of this because he wants anything for himself.
By God’s grace, he worked hard and God has favoured him.


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