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Friday, 23 August 2013

Only Buhari Can Salvage Nigeria, Says Senatorial Aspirant

Monday, 15 November 2010 01:27 Philip Nyam, Abuja

A former member of the House of Representatives and a senatorial aspirant on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Hon. Atighir Shaguy, has said only Gen. Muhammadu Buhari out of the many presidential aspirants has the will and courage to rescue Nigeria from the doldrums of bad leadership and underdevelopment.
Shaguy who spoke in an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP at the weekend noted that the problems of this country are complicated and only a visionary and incorruptible leader such as Buhari can put Nigeria back on tract.
"The truth is, Gen. Buhari is our last hope for now. He is an embodiment of honesty, integrity, which will bring peace, unity, equity, justice and progress in our motherland"
On allegations that Buhari is not a democrat, he declared "Yes, he is a dictator and he dictated with a mission of redemption for the people of this country. There are worse dictators in the PDP but those are overlooked because they are in the bandwagon party.
"Rigging election just to get access to treasury and loot it dry is dictatorship. It is a crude civilian coup. If you castigate Gen. Buhari as a dictator and leave those who have messed this land that bad; who
are alive shielded and protected in the PDP you will simply be playing with words to make him look ugly when in deed the real dictators are in the PDP both civilian and military brass".
According to Shaguy who represented Gboko/ Tarka Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives during the aborted Third Republic, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has since 1999 unleashed poverty, bad leadership and underdevelopment on the people leading to the crisis going on presently in the country describing them as a gang without a focus. "This gang has no vision. The Biblical Moses says where there is no vision the people perish'. Therefore, the people of Benue State and Nigeria as a whole is doom to perish under this PDP misrule"
Explaining why he had to leave the US where he resides to come and contest elections, the aspirant noted that he is pained with the deplorable state of infrastructure and human development in the country and having seen how everything works over there, he hopes to help replicate it in his motherland.
"The socio - economics of US for example is almost 98 percent perfect because everything works well. There are no potholes on the roads even to private farms.  Power is excellent, water to sewage, healthcare delivery and what have you but all the same home is very important to us because those things that we enjoy overseas are made by people and since we cannot transfer such amenities back home we need to come home and seek to create such for our people.

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