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Friday, 27 September 2013

2015: G7 Governors Sponsor 3,000 Imams, Marabouts To Mecca For Prayers Against Jonathan

2015: G7 Governors Sponsor 3,000 Imams, Marabouts To Mecca For Prayers Against Jonathan

As desperation sets in, the Group of Seven Governors, (G7), have resorted to the services of marabouts and Muslim clerics all in a bid to stop President Goodluck Jonathan. sources hinted that the aggrieved Governors may have enlisted the services of no fewer than 3000 clerics and marabouts with a mandate to intensify prayers and fasting against  what they tag inordinate 2015 ambition of Jonathan.
It was gathered that the rebel Governors decided to reach out to these people, and go spiritual , to give zest to their physical pressure on Jonathan to step aside and allow them pick the key actors at the National working Committee (NWC), and ensure the emergence of their preferred candidate. sources hinted that, it was a strategy employed to also counter the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), led by Ayo Oritsejafor, who they allege , in concert with some christian clerics, backs Jonathan spiritually.
Said our source ” they want to counter CAN but they forget that the CAN often prays for the unity of Nigeria and that in so many mosques prayers are said for the President and his administration, and peaceful co existence of Nigerians”
Even though some of them have said their fight is not ethnic, a prominent northerner, Dr Junaid Mohammed said recently that the crisis in the party is in the interest of the north as it would ensure the emergence of a preferred candidate, a northerner
They are drawn from Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and  United Arab Emirates.
It was also gathered that Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso had recommended those very prominent marabouts used by late dictator, General Sani Abacha. They are to ensure Jonathan is stopped and the emergence of a northern Muslim in 2015.
The G7 Governors have insisted that Jonathan must fulfill what they claim was an agreement he signed with them back in 2011 to be a one term President and then relinquish power to the north. They had maintained that since he completed late President Umar Yar’Adua’s term, he should leave in 2015.
At one of the meetings they gave a litany of demands which the faction insist must be met for peace to reign. They include, Jonathan drops out, stop the EFCC from probing Governors and their aides now and after their tenure, reversal of status quo of the PDP chapters in Adamawa and Rivers State and the sacking of National Chairman, Bamanga Tukur.
On Wednesday Niger Governor, Aliyu Babangida and his Jigawa counterpart, Sule Lamido maintained that Jonathan must agree to their terms. Aliyu said ” If you make an agreement , wether private or publicly, we must learn to keep it’. On his part Lamido said ” we will continue to fight and will never back down until he agrees to our terms”
But the President’s flank have pushed back insisting that the breakaway Governors would not dictate for the president or Nigerians. Political Adviser< Ahmed Gulak said If any of the Governors , or anyone within the so-called faction, thinks that he a presidential material and wants to contest, let them step out as Nigerians, let the people decide…their dream of stopping him from running if he desires is not realisable” sources hinted that the aggrieved often use rallies and private meeting to whip up sentiments against the President
Said our source ” At rallies or meeting or town halls, even at official engagements, these Governors use their local dialect to urge the people to pray against the emergence of a southern president. They also try to impress on them that Jonathan wants to stop the north from holding the office”
The source also said one of the prayer points given to the clerics and marabouts was to cause confusion among those working for the emergence of the President in 2015.


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