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Friday, 6 September 2013

Aliyu: Harvard training alone won’t solve our problems

by Kayode Ekundayo & Nurudeen Oyewole, Lagos
Niger State Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu last night took a swipe on the managers of the nation’s economy, saying Harvard training or World Bank experience alone would not solve the nation’s economic problems.
Delivering a lecture with the theme ‘The marriage of 1914: A curse or blessing?’, at this year’s Lagos Country Club annual lecture in Lagos, Aliyu berated the government’s economic policies which he said have not impacted directly on the people.
“It is our responsibility as leaders that whatever policies we want to carry out, we first test it on the people. Don’t say because you are a leader or because you have gone to World Bank, you have solutions to all problems,” he said.
“Whether you have Harvard training, you have Ife training or you have Bayero training, you must learn how to listen to people you want to serve. Don’t come with your Harvard trainings and impose IMF economic policies on the people.”
He said Ngeria’s journey from 1914 till date had been fruitful and that the only regret was that Nigeria should have gone beyond where she is today.
“A country without a visionary leader, a nation without integrity will continue to be having economic problems. And maybe that is our problem in Nigeria. Those who think they must dictate to the people must learn how to quit the scene because part of requirement of a leadership is ability to accept criticism,” he said.
“Not many of us in leadership positions in the country grew up from democratic families. When you don’t grow up in a democratic society, where your father and mother did not have democratic relationship, it may be quite difficult,” he added.
He said more than anything else, Nigerian leaders should avoid acting as dictators and be ready to serve the people as their servants.


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