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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Another Level Of Grace, Catholic Priest Impregnates Woman, Resign To Be A Father

By Lanre ogutoyinbo:

A Catholic priest in California is about to
be another kind of father — after he
unleashed his unholy spirit and begot a

Father Daniel McFalls quit his job at St.
Mary’s Catholic Church in Stockton after
he was led into temptation and broke his
vow of celibacy.

The popular preacher stunned his
congregation by revealing in a letter that
he will be swapping cassocks and
communion cups for sleepless nights and
dirty diapers.

“A child will soon be born, and I am the
baby’s father,” he wrote.

“I assume full responsibility for my
actions and will do all that I can so that
my child receives the care and love that
he deserves,” he added.

McFalls, who also goes by the name of
Dean, told Fox40 he was “upset” about
leaving the church.

The priest broke it to his congregation
that he is leaving to take full
responsibility for his actions.
But he asked for parishioners’
forgiveness, adding that the promise to
God of not having sex was a concept he
had battled with for years.

“I was gonna battle it until the day I die,
but something came about, which is called
life,” McFalls said.

Not all of the church-goers were
forgiving, though, with one calling him
“flirty” and claiming he “lusted” after
her daughters.

“He’s just lustful, he didn’t say he was in
love or marry the girl, no,” said Diana

“It’s not about being a sinner, it’s about
playing with God. He made a vow. This is a
priest we’re talking about,” she added.

McFalls has been given an indefinite leave
of absence by Bishop Stephen E. Blaire.
It’s unclear whether he will remain a

“It is a very, very sad thing to happen. It
is the same as if a married man is
unfaithful to his wife,” said Jack Valero,
spokesman for Catholic Voices.

“He made a commitment and he did not
stick to it. It undermines priests
commitment to chastity,” he added.


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