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Monday, 23 September 2013


by Femi Akinola, Lagos

Governor Babatunde Fashola said this at the weekend at the 4th edition of the Lagos Ignite Enterprise and Employability Project, a joint youth empowerment programme between the government and the After School Graduate Development Centre (AGDC).
He said: “A study of nightlife carried out by the government in five local governments (areas) Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ikorodu and Ikeja, showed that about N3 billion was spent on 1, 555 parties held within the period.”
He said the figure was collated after a study of the cultural side of Lagos party life, putting the monthly estimate at N3 billion. According to this estimate, in 12 months, about N36 billion is expended on partying in the state.
The governor called on the youth to tap into the investment opportunities provided by such occasions.
The study was done between October and November last year of 2012. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were taken as study samples for four weeks, the governor said.
He said: “In 12 nights, 1,555 parties were held in those local governments. In terms of drinks, food and all other engagements during such parties, about N1.2 billion was spent and when we disaggregated them, we saw how much went to DJ, MC, food and drinks.”
Fashola also revealed that clothing materials worn during such parties popularly called aso-ebi gulps at least N1.2 billion monthly, saying the market is huge with much yet to be tapped from the market.
He urged the youth to look beyond white collar jobs just as he also cited the revolution and huge money spinning opportunities in refuse collection and provision of rest rooms during events started by individuals.

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