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Thursday, 5 September 2013


1)BBC_____________________________Hello,is that Nigeria?

Nigeria_____________________________Yes,who you be and wetin you want?

2)BBC______________________________We are BBC and wishes to interview the national chairman of the PDP

Nigeria___________________________Which one,na two chairmen dey and all of them na legitimate,one is an octogenerian while the other na septuagenarian!

3)BBC_____________________________But how can there be two chairmen of a ruling party,is that constitutional?

Nigeria_____________________________i beg no waste my time,wetin you sabi for constitution?has ya country ever see one? be counterfeit document you get for ya country..make u no insult me fah! our own democracy,we get 2 chairmen,governors forum and also 2 national chairmen PDP..shikenan!

4)BBC______________________________ok..can I talk with whoever is in possession of the certificate of registration of the party?at least one can presume that,that faction is the legitimate one..

Nigeria_______________________________sebi,you call ya sef BBC,how come you no sabi say,the certificate is missing..why are you so unprofessional like NTA,whey go give news of wetin happen two weeks,today.You no dey read Internet ne?..The certificate don miss,therefore the two faction now dey on the same footing!

5)BBC_________________________________in the interim,can you tell us the reason for the factionalzation of the rulling party? no say for nigeria,the thing wey dey cause problem among ogas for top,na sharing formula.If one Oga wan chop alone with him people,the others go dey vex,and them go thereafter cause katakata..Since independence,na all the ogas dey chop.them no gree to even give we,talakawas small thing to chop.If we sick,na die be that,but them Oga go carry themselves go for Chicago..Our children don become agbero,because no education.But all the children of Oga,them dey Harvard...Even sef,the teacher for nigeria university,whey dey look for ordinary N100 billion,to improve allowance and infrastructure,them Oga for PDP never answer them..can you imagine..ordinary N100 billion why dem dey give their oyinbo girlfriend,naim dem no fit pay ASUU.

6)BBC______________________________________But if that is the case,can't nigerians dump PDP and vote for the new APC?

Nigeria____________________________________Oga BBC,wallahi,APC na younger brother for PDP...all the ogas whey dey angry for PDP,them full APC...Also all the big APC Oga,them no like internal democracy at all..them dey behave like soja.even worse than soja.Them dey rig also.,,no single councillor for opposition win for Lagos..them dey behave like PDP too much.APGA too,na cousin for PDP..Them like PDP so tay,them dey even campaign for PDP to win head of state.

7)BBC_____________________________________But can't you people change your government through democratic means or popular revolt?

Nigeria___________________________________Haba Oga BBC,why you dey talk like this..popular revolt ?When,all of us for nigeria like life too much.All of us wan behave like our ogas for top.The nigerian student wan drive rolls royce,market woman want build big big houses,beggars wan buy big house,civil servant wan enjoy...nobody wan suffer let alone die...Kai,nigerian people love life too much..for nigeria,if someone born picken,na party..if someone die,na party,if someone get accident,na party,if someone buy car,na people whey like enjoyment pass for this world,can they protest over bad policies?Nbano Oga BBC!...

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