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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nollywood Actress Gets Beaten By Movie Director’s Wife For Having Sex With Her Hubby

It has been reported that a well-known Nollywood actress was given the beating of her life by the wife of a top Nollywood director for allegedly having an affair with her husband.
According to

There is no doubt that Asaba, the Delta State capital has become a home for movie productions in Nigeria. It still baffles many why producers have decided to pitch their tent in Asaba.

Investigations by Gists from Edo/Delta have revealed that production is cheaper in Asaba and that is why producers are thronging there to make their movies, but the height of immoralities being practised in Asaba is really giving the people there cause.

The latest is that a top Nollywood Director’s wife fought an A-List actress on a movie set in the capital town for sharing her hubby with her.

The director is Lagos based but was contracted to do the movie in Asaba. He is a top shot in Nollywood and hails from one of the South-Eastern states. Gists from Edo/Delta learnt that this notable film director, was having a fling with the actress who was playing the lead role in the movie.

This actress is fair complexioned also from South East. Sources said the duo were staying in the same hotel in the heart of Asaba.

It was gathered that the director had been dating the actress for a while now and his wife was suspicious of it. It was learnt that one of the crew members, who is a close friend of the director’s wife leaked the romance between the actress and the director to the director’s wife.

Luck ran out on the actress as she was caught red handed on the bed of the director by his wife. The director’s wife was said to have dragged the actress out of the room after beating her to a pulp and tore her clothes with her upper region jumping out.
This keeps one guessing doesn't it? Who do you think the actress and director are?


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