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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tears as BBA Winner Dillish finally meets her Kenyan Dad (Photos)

Namibia queen, Dillish was crowned BBA 'The Chase' winner on sunday, August 25, beating 27 contestants from different African countries and going home with the grand prize of 300,000 dollar, approximately
24million shilling, after which a Kenyan man, Abdi Guyo surfaced claiming to be her real father.
It was finally confirmed that the man was her father and she has been looking forward to meeting him.
Her dream finally came through as she got to meet her father in an emotional reunion that brought tears to her eyes.

Success has a way of bringing even long lost relations together as Big Brother Africa The Chase winner, Dillish Mathews finally meets her real father, the Kenyan Abdi Guyo. The young lady who, all her life, believed she was a Namibian, only got to know that her real father was a retired Kenyan military officer who got her mother pregnant during a peace keeping mission.
Immediately the man came up after she won the $300,000 prize money, many tongues wagged, calling him a gold digger. It was only after her mother came out to state that Guyo was Dillish' father that the whole brouhaha came to an end and she actually looked forward to meeting him, a dream she finally got in an emotional reunion that brought tears into her eyes.


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