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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


General Muhammadu Buhari, an icon of unity, religious tolerance and believe in the only true and Almighty God.GEN. BUHARI WHILE VISITING THE ARCHBISHOP EXPRESSED HIS CONDEMNATION AGAINST GAY MARRIAGES. HE ALSO EXPRESSED THE NEED FOR ALL TO WORK TOGETHER FOR A PEACEFUL WORLD. Buhari is the only head of state that jailed a popular and respected Muslim cleric "Iman" for preaching violence. General Buhari has never been seen parading himself with Islamic clerics, even though he is a devout Muslim. He sees himself as father to both Muslim and Christians. General Buhari till date has staff in his office in Kaduna who are Christians. Show me a retired general, president, or even Col in the south who is a Christian but have Muslims as his personal staff. late Ojukwu before he died has none, Ekwueme has none etc. Show me a picture where General Buhari was kneeling down or went to a popular Muslim clerics for prayers or to commission a Mosque. General Buhari never commissioned a Mosque as a head of state. General Buhari is Muslim with one wife, decent and disciplined children. General Buhari is a devout Muslim, but never had any special Islamic training as a scholar. General Buhari picked a radical and popular pastor as his running mate. Which Christian has picked a popular and radical islamic preacher as a running mate. General buhari is an example of a leader that should be followed. HE IS NOT A RELIGIOUS FANATIC. FACTS SPEAKS
 — with Innocent Eboigbe Ehiz and 16 others.

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