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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


1- During the 2003 election the boko haram leadership and followership voted for Ali Sherif massively.

2- In 2005 even after the Kanamma and Gwazo incidence that indicted the Boko Haram sect, Ali Sherif arrogantly went ahead and appointed their member (Hon Buji Fai) as commissioner for religious affairs by way of financing their terrorism indirectly.

3- All security reports that were addressed to the governor in those days by the Izalas and the Tarikas against the boko haram movement under top secrecy were being smuggled to the leadership of the boko haram by government officials. Thereby making the IZALAS & TARIKAS targets and vulnerable for attacks by the boko haram.

4- Such double-standard of the Ali Sherif administration coerced the people of Borno to stop writing or reporting anything against the boko haram.

5- Sheriff ordered the killing of the leader of the Boko Haram (Mohd Yusuf) who was arrested alive and could have otherwise reveal relavant informations as to who their sponsors were.

6- High profile members like Baba Fugu Mohammed and Hon Buji fai were all killed with the directive of Sherif to avoid further investigation that will in fact indict him!

7- Almost all of Sherif’s political thugs- the ‘ecomogs’ participated in the war siding with Boko Haram eg Babale otherwise known as Baleriya and his men participated and is a general knowledge. But was allowed to come and help his party in the 2011 general election.

8- After the 2009 war, there were not the slightest of insecurity in Borno state, people were living peacefully.

9- But Sherif re-created the insurgence single-handedly.

10- Sometime in 2010, we woke up in the morning and witnessed Boko Haram flags everywhere in the city of Maiduguri, including police stations and court premises.

11- Later some youth- the ECOMOGS (political thugs) were arrested with the flags and they confessed that it was the SSA to Sherif on media – Shehu Liberty that gave them the flags to mount them at strategic locations like the police stations and court premises.

12- Shehu Liberty was arrested by the police, but Sheriff managed to extenuated him.

13- Note that those flags were exactly the same with the ones used by the original boko haram during the 2009 war.

14- However, in the same year, both the Borno State Chairman and State Secretary of the ANPP were arrested with the same kind of riffles used by the boko haram fighters during the 2009 war.

15- As usual Sherif managed to extenuated them.

16- In 2012, Gen Monguno’s panel arrested all the ecomogs in Borno state, and they confessed that Sherif ordered them to kill soldiers, police, customs immigrations and prison service by way of posing as boko haram.

17- And that anyone who kill a soldier and snatched a gun is paid very large amount of money and lesser amount if he could’nt snatch a the gun. And is given lesser proportion if police is killed and lesser to prison service and the arithmetic goes down.

18- Due the interest of the federal government in the terrorism, Gen Monguno lost his seat as the Director of defence intelligence and Sherif was extenuated.

19- May be that’s why the federal government adopted all Sherif’s enemies in the Borno State PDP as it own enemy and blindly wich-hunting Sherif’s arch enemies such as Ali Ndume and Ahmed Zannah and even denied them lucrative appointments such as ministerial and heads of parastatals.

20- Why is it that the federal Govt has to console Ali Sheriff of ANPP before offering appointments to any of the Borno State PDP members?

21- Are they in the same cult organizations? If so, is their cultism stronger than the party? If it is a common friendship, hasn't he (President Jonathan) any friend in the PDP? If yes why?

22- As the truth is always unique and irrepressible! The emergence of the youth volunteer group, popularly known as the civilian JTF, who are not politicians but original citizens of Borno revealed that almost all the Boko Haram arrested and tortured use to confess that it is either Sheriff or an ANPP stallholders very close to Sherif gave them guns, money and list of people to kill.

23- It is a general knowledge that, the Borno state ANPP chairman Mala Atuman a childhood friend and cultist-ally of Sheriff was arrested because of such cases.

24- Others who fled the town in fear of the civilian JTF include Alh Abiso, Sherif’s driver. Abdulqadiri Rahis the current MMC Chairman who use to be the leader of the ‘Ecomogs’ (thugs) and a very close and long time stooge and member of Sherif’s political cultism.

25- Others include Mamman Imam who is said to be responsible for the first bomb blast in Maiduguri i.e on the day of the 2011 National assembly election after he has woefully lost the election at his own ward- Shehuri North, he detonated a bomb at the collation centre to cause chaos.

26- The current deputy Governor, Zannah Umar Mustapha is also found guilty of recruiting & sponsoring boko haram in Borno south.

27- Today in Maiduguri, everybody knows that Sherif is the sponsor, financier, alpha and omega of Boko Haram but president Jonathan is his best friend and thus he is above the law...

28- When the stronghold of boko haram, the Garannam shrine was destroyed by the combined efforts of the youth volunteer and the JTC, the youth arrested confessed that it was Sheriff that mounted them in this place and they are working for him while the discoveries found were human parts and bloods in large quantities.

29- The members of the neighbouring community have also confirmed that they use to see Sherif visiting the shrine time to time.

30- In the shrine alone, over seven thousand ak 47 guns were recovered.

31- Sometime in 2012, Sherif went to his home town Gamboru-Ngala and he told them publicly that he is responsible for all that is happening and no one could dare to arrest him. Let them contact Senator Zannah that they elected and beg him to spare them from what is happening.

32- Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has said it that Sherif use to arm thugs for political gains.

33- Former FCT minister, J T Useni also stated with evidences in 2011 that Sherif is real sponsor of Boko Haram.

34- Shuaibu bama, a close relative of Senator Ahmed Zannah was arrested in 2012 at the residence of Ali Sherif Rabi street. Why hosting boko haram at his house? and why is it that the govt can not dare to arrest him?. Or even interrogate him? Is it because he is a friend of the president? Are the friends of the president above the law?

35- In fact over fifty thousand (50,000.00) AK47 riffles were recovered in Maiduguri alone by the combined efforts of the youth volunteer and the JTF, and the QUESTION is who is that most influential person that can smuggle in such large number of ammunitions without being discovered at the security check-points????????

36- There are over 200 check-points between Maiduguri and Abuja and over 200 within the city of Maiduguri & environs.

37- The cost of AK47 riffle is over N1m and over 50, 000 of them found in Maiduguri, and each and every person found with the riffle has additional money ranging from N2m to N10m and even beyond that. What is the source of all these money? Of course none of the Islamic organizations in Nigeria has such a huge amount of money and none of the PDP members in Borno can afford such amount.

38- Anyone who doubts this presentation should come down to Maiduguri by himself and ask any passer-by as to whether Sherif is the leader and financier of Boko Haram or not. In fact you will find the civilian JTF at airport, purposely waiting for Sherif. Because they all pledged to kill him.

39- It was discovered that the last time he came to Maiduguri, the federal government gave him military uniform and military escort and he was able to get to his house without recognition of the civilian JTF. And return back to Abuja before the news is spreads.

40- Both the republic of Cameroun and Chad banned him from entering their country because of his involvement from terrorism activities but the Nigerian Government extenuates him and called him best friend of the presidency.



COMRADE Abba Idris Maikwano

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