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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


The death of over 28 people in a 'church' stampede at Ukeh during what was supposed to be a 'healing' crusade is not only sad and tragic, but shameful and irritating.
Firstly, I commiserate with the families that lost their kins and kits there including those of us - like myself that were emotionally affected by the tragedy.

I initially wanted to 'sit and watch' and not 'blow the whistle' on the accident but realising that my silence places me in same bracket as the four idiots responsible for this. So I must 'blow my whistle.'

If you must know, this is not the first, second, third or fourth and fifth time we are losing people to inane church stampede and from the look of things, it will not be the last.
The first question that comes to mind after the stampede is: what was the cause? The answer depends on who is answering. To an Ngige fanatic, the answer is Obi and APGA. And to an Obi-APGA fanatic, it would be Ngige and APC. To the adoration fanatic, it was the devil's work and dont be surprised that the rascal who runs the adoration ground will tell us that it was an act of God. To those who didn't support both, it was jointly caused by Obi and Ngige with a question tag: why did they take their politics to the church?

Yes, I like the question and we are coming to it later. Why did they take their politics to the church? The causes of the stampede are numerous and that does not include God nor Devil. Four parties were involved: the #Rev. Father, #Obi, #Ngige nd the #school system.

Let us start with the Rev. Father. What was he actually doing that night? What had he made himself to the people? More than 100,000 people were said to be gathered at the venue of the incident, with facilities that can hardly take 5,000 people, when the stampede occurred. 100,000 minus 5000 is 95,000. 100,000 over 5000 in simplification is simply 100/5 which is crazy. Now we can see our first cause. So why did 100,000 people gather at a facility for 5000 people? It is simple: the Reverend father had tricked his way to stardom and thus convinced a good number of the gullible masses into believing - without evidence that he is a superhuman who does miracles. These gullible masses had made him a hero. They do want to do what he wants them to do, make friends with whom he made friends with, like whoever he likes, hate whoever he hates and as well become enemies to his enemies. Now are you still asking the question: why did they take their politics to the church? I think you've figured that out by yourself. If am a politician, It will be unwise to distance myself from these nutters that run adoration ministries and loose the zombies under their control. A hundred thousand vote is worth getting in an election.

Obi nd Ngige can be blamed because they both had been governors who did nothing in their tenures to curb the insanity and fraud perpetuated by these adoration fraudsters.
The school system is as well responsible for the stupid curriculum used in teaching God in our schools. Using radical prayer-warrior teachers in teaching our kids at schools is uncalled for.
God as person does not exist. And therefore not responsible for this. That a loving existing God will allow a disaster as sinister as this to befall his people who came to praise him did not make a sense to me and will never make. We should better understand this singular bitter truth and take responsibility for our lives. Those of us who thank same imaginary God for sparing them in the accident should quickly answer these few questions.

What was God's role in the stampede?
(A) God was not aware it will happen.

(B) God was aware it will happen, he then tried to stop it but wasn't able.

(C) God was aware it will happen and allowed it to happen because he wanted it to happen.

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