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Friday, 3 January 2014

Why APC Will Lose Even In 2019 – Senator Reveals

Chief Victor Ndoma-Egba, leader of the Senate, has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) has not set up structures that are required of a political party to win elections and therefore will not win in 2015 and even 2019.
He said APC still lacks party secretariats in most states of the federation, including senatorial offices, local government chapters and ward executives, saying the party is only carrying out a campaign of calumny against the PDP.
According to him, PDP will continue to win elections while the APC will be defeated in all the three tiers of government even in 2019, as it still exists only on pages of newspapers, radio and television broadcasts.
Victor said Nigerians will know they are ready to win and battle for power when they have put up the structures required in all the three levels of government.
What I have seen on papers and television regarding APC does reflect on the actual position and strength of the party.
“PDP will continue to win elections in Nigeria because it is the only political party that put all the necessary structures in place, right from the federal level down to the local government,” he said.
The Senator added that Nigeria will conduct peaceful elections and transit to another administration, as those who have predicted the disintegration of the country will realise that the largest country in Africa is indivisible and indissoluble.
“Nigerians have agreed to stay together and they have seen democracy as the best option; so let us surmount every challenge and become one of the greatest countries of the world”, he said.

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