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Monday, 3 February 2014

Gabby Douglas: Black Hair, Black Health

Gabby Douglas at the Olympics 2012 doing a flying split in the airGabby Douglas, the amazing, gold-medal winning, 16-year old gymnastic wonder with the magnetic smile, has made Olympic history by being the first African-American to win the gold medal in the Gymnastics All-Around final. You’d think that every community in the US, particularly the African American community, would be showing her nothing by their heartfelt pride and congratulations on her wonderful achievements.
But instead of applauding her truly breathtaking performances, this beautiful young lady is a hot topic in the Black community because of what? Her hair.
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Gabby looked and performed gracefully and represented not just African Americans, but all Americans, in a very dignified way. But after Gabby’s big win, many people took to Twitter and other social networks to criticize her hair, saying that it was was un-kept and looked unpresentable for a person on the world stage.
After Gabby won her medal and heard about the criticism, she issued a very pointed response:
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“I don’t know where this is coming from. Where is it coming from? What’s wrong with my hair? I just simply gelled it back, put some clips it and put it in a bun. Are you kidding me? I just made history and you’re focusing on my hair? I just want to say we’re all beautiful inside out. Nothing is going to change,” she said, adding that her hair would remain the same in her next two competitions in bars and beams.
With this mature and dignified response, her glorious achievements are no surprise. Gabby Douglas’ hair should have never been an issue.
Black Hair & Black Health


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