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Saturday, 8 March 2014

APC unveils Manifesto, Code of Ethics

The APC said its primary focus would be job creation.
Nigeria’s main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, Thursday, unveiled its manifesto and code of ethics. The launch was done at a well-attended national summit of the party held at the Congress Hall of the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.
The party’s Code of Ethics, a set of rules it said will govern its activities, has ten principles by which the party commits itself to Nigerians.
A copy of the code of ethics, which was signed by the party’s leaders including its 16 governors stated that APC is committed to working towards a nation that is economically and socially vibrant, peaceful, just and secure.
The first item on the code of ethics said the party considers the Nigerian people as its greatest asset and that it will do everything to protect human life and dignity.
It also pledges to uphold a Nigeria that is bound by the principle of freedom, justice, peace, unity and the rule of law.
The code also said APC respects every person’s choice of faith. The party said, in the code, that it has no tolerance for corruption and would manage the country’s resources responsibly.APC National Summit 4
Other items in the code of ethics include a commitment to a strong system of government at all levels in order to preserve the unity of the country.
Also, the party’s manifesto, tagged ‘Road map to a new Nigeria’ stated that the APC’s philosophy is the welfare of the common man, and the assurance of a great future for the youth, and a decent and quality life for all.
APC said the test it has adopted for all its policies as contained in the manifesto is “Will this policy create jobs and benefit the youth and ordinary Nigerians?”.
It said the cardinal principle of its manifesto is the commitment to a nation where every citizen has the opportunity to work and earn a decent wage, and where the disadvantaged elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed are assisted by the state.
The APC said it is committed to a nation where the curse of corruption is no longer tolerated in its political, social and civic affairs.
 Details of manifesto
The first item on the APC manifesto is job creation. It said roughly one in four Nigerians and half of young job seekers are unable to find work, adding that the number of people whose jobs do not cover the cost of food and housing is even greater.
To this end, APC said it will create 20,000 jobs in each state of the federation immediately for those with a minimum qualification of Secondary School leaving certificate and who participate in technology and vocational training.
It said it will encourage state governments to focus on employment creation by matching every one job created by the state government with two jobs created by the Federal Government.
The party said it will provide a direct conditional monthly cash transfers of Five Thousand Naira to the twenty five million poorest and most vulnerable citizens upon demonstration of children’s enrolment in school and immunisation, in order, it said, to help promote job empowerment.
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