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Friday, 25 April 2014

Edo APC: Go! Desperadoes Go!!

All Progressives Congress
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Office of the State Publicity Secretary
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The attention of the leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC), Edo State Chapter, has been drawn to an unsigned text of a press statement made public by so-called Alaghodaro group in the party yesterday.
APC would have preferred to ignore this tissue of lies which even the authors feared to sign or identify themselves in as a script of a cacophony crafted by a group of political desperadoes but, for the fact that the leader of this group, Barrister Osagie Ize-Iyamu whose desperation for political power is driving this Alaghodaro militancy, is a pastor of a famous church.
We had expected that those who truly loved Pastor Ize-Iyamu of the Redeemed Christian Church would have by now been fasting and praying to God for forgiveness for him for leading his entire congregation to impersonate at the rescheduled Ugboko-Ward congress at Ugbokoniro on April 12.
We have video records of complaints by several members of the church who, frightened by a commotion that was almost resulting in violent fight, grumbled aloud that they only went for an all-night vigil on Monday April 11 in their church in Benin City only to be forced into over twenty waiting buses the following morning and driven to Ugbokoniro about seventy kilometers away to vote with fake party membership slips at the ward congress. The insistence by the opponent on accreditation of voters sent the conscripted church members panicking.
Now that this group has come out openly to propagate the desperation that led the pastor to impersonate with his entire congregation, APC pleads with Comrade Governor Adams Oshiomhole on whom they are trying to rub their sins to forgive them for they know not what they do.
Here is a point-to-point reply to the anonymous text:
1.     It is not true that this group voluntarily supported Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to librate Edo State from political oppression in 2006. Rather, they were failed rebels known as “grace group” who were deregistered from PDP as punishment for their rebellion against Chief Tony Anenih, who they are now shamelessly begging to harbor them. It was after they were rejected and ejected from PDP that they went to beg Comrade Oshiomhole who had already gained ground politically on a joint platform of ANPP and LP. Now that this disgraced group is set to eat its vomit by begging Chief Anenih whom they once taunted with “no man is God” slogan it is certain that they will again shamelessly return to beg Comrade Oshiomhole for bread once their leader had squandered the billions of naira he has received from PDP for their defection which is scheduled to take place during the forthcoming visit of President Jonathan to Benin City. Sure! After their defection, they will face PDP prosecution until they recant publicly that “the PDP leader is God”. What a shame!
2.     It is not true that Comrade Governor Oshiomhole has hijacked APC or manipulated its membership registration and congresses. The truth is: It is Pastor Ize-Iyamu who desperately wanted to hijack the party and manipulate the process for his governorship desperation. The following few instances will surfice:
a:       Shortly after the registration of APC, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu had attempted to single-handedly nominat Chairman and members of the State Interim Committee as a ploy for manipulating the party structures towards his governorship desperation. When he failed to achieve his selfish goal that night, he stormed out of that meeting to a waiting meeting of PDP leaders in the residence of his friend along Aiguobasimwin Cresent, GRA, Benin City, where he told them to prepare for his return to PDP. By 6am that same morning, PDP was already celebrating in social media that APC was crumbling and that their evil genius was returning to their fold.
b:       Several months before commencement of registration and having had the privilege of seeing samples of the registration documents, he had commenced secret pre-registration of party members across Edo State.
c:       When the actual materials eventually came for registration, he was disappointed as the Comrade Governor made it impossible for anyone to hijack them. Unconsciously, Pastor Ize-Iyamu incurred the wrath of vast majority of the party leadership at ward and Local Government levels when he fought for only his clique to handle the registration, especially in Orhionmwon Local Government Area; his newly acquired constituency instead of caring for all as a leader. Again the party leadership foiled this attempt to hijack the registration process. The result of his disregard for the majority, promotion of fractional strife, peddling of false rumors which have often backfired, is the woeful defeat of his group in the congresses so far.
d:       A former National Officer of ANPP, Alhaji Saliu Momoh from Owan East and the undersigned, former State Chairman of CPC are Secretary and Publicity Secretary respectively in the five-man State Interim Management Committee.
Therefore, their claim that Governor Oshiomhole excluded ANPP and CPC from the interim EXCO is an explosive lie which can only be told by a pastor who uses his congregation to impersonate as registered voters in foreign land.
e:       Why did Pastor Ize-Iyamu wait till his group lost woefully at the congresses before complaining of the party membership registration done several months earlier? It takes only Ize-Iyamu kind of pastor to lie so shamelessly after he had, at a peace meeting of APC Orhionmwon LGA leaders held in the residence of Chief John Oyegun, demamded that the Chairmanship of the party in the local government area be given freely to his group. Even Chief Oyegun screamed at their provocative demands and noted that what the group was doing to the sitting Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu, was unfair and could not be tolerated elsewhere.
f:       Pastor Ize-Iyamu only complains of violence where his “army” is overpowered. It is not in his interest to draw us into exposition on this issue, at least because he is a “pastor”.
g:       Since when has Pastor Ize-Iyamu become an advocate of party internal democracy after he single-handedly handpicked Local Government Chairmanship candidates for Oredo and Orhionmwon?
h:       The demand of his group for the cancelation of the ward and local government congresses after they have been defeated despite their boasting that they were more on ground than others can only be seen as the ranting of a crumbling political block. They boasted that their group would win the congresses. After losing, they tried to blackmail the Govvernor into reversing their defect to victory. When the governor refused to reverse their defeat, they turned round to accuse him of manipulation.
Conclusively, here is the truth of the predicament of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and his (dis) Grace Group also known as Alaghodaro:
Few hours after the first inauguration of Comrade Governor Adams Oshiohmole as the Governor of Edo State on November 12, 2008, an overzealous leader of the then AC (named withheld) took Pastor Iyamu to the then AC godfather where they proclaimed the pastor as the one who would succeed Comrade Oshiomhole in 2012. They boasted that Comrade Oshiomhole would only be allowed to serve a single term. From that moment, the pastor started assuming the role of an incoming Governor. They spread the news of his anointing to political jobbers who started rushing to pay allegiance to him as an anointed Governor. He proposed portfolios, power and contracts to those who impressed him most. But Comrade Oshiomhole was not and is privy to his anointing. Yet the pastor wants Governor to uphold his undemocratic anointing by barring every other governorship aspirants even in the APC, a new party.
Their plot to defect to PDP where they hope to share more money from the presidential campaign than they can legitimately earn from APC is no news. When their plot to defect to PDP if they fail to hijack APC structures was tabled at a reception held for Pastor Ize-Iyamu at the residence of  Hon. Adesotu, PDP Deputy State Chairman few months ago, APC did not expect that they would delay their defection till now.
But their waiting for Mr. Fix to pronounce forgiveness on them for old sins kept them till this date. We will surprise if the duo of Osagie and Chief Tony Omoaghe expect genuine forgiveness from Mr. Fix.
On our part, APC women’s wing has been praying God to flush out from the party scatterers, economic wolfs and infidels who would constitute obstacles to the developmental strides of Comrade Governor. We can only now thank the women wing for the efficacy of their prayers.
We advise the Comrade Governor not to submit to their blackmail.
On their demand for apology from the Comrade Governor to Chief Oyegun, we submit that the Ize-Iyamu group dragged the name of the Leader to the mud by rebuffing all his entreaties for peace and harmony in Edo South, especially in Orhionmwon Local Government Area.
Governor Oshiomhole has shown more respect for Chief Oyegun than Pastor Ize-Iyamu group that has tried to portray Oyegun as their factional leader. If they believed that the Governor owned Chief Oyegun apology why did they not say it at the meeting where the alleged offence was committed?
Edo APC will be better off without traitors and desperadoes in its midst.

Comrade Godwin Erhahon

Interim State Publicity Secretary 

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