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Friday, 25 April 2014

First lady receives plea from daughter of unemployed man

Washington (CNN) - The children of Executive Office employees crowded into the East Room of the White House on Thursday to ask first lady Michelle Obama a question as part of the White House’s annual celebration of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
While most children used their question to ask Obama about her favorite food or drink or place to travel, one young girl seated in the front row took the opportunity to try to help her unemployed father.
“My dad's been out of a job for three years and I wanted to give you his resume,” the young girl quietly said, before handing the first lady a folded piece of paper.
Taking the paper, Obama hugged the little girl and whispered something to her away from the microphone. Many of the other children in the audience, unable to hear what the girl had said, immediately asked the first lady what their exchange had been about.
“Well it's a little private, but she's doing something for her dad, right?,” the First Lady said, looking at the girl and holding up her father’s resume. “Got it.”
Obama made sure to grab the piece of paper off the table next to her at the end of the event and give the girl one more hug on her way out.
What the first lady misses
Next up was a young boy named Thomas who asked Obama if she missed her old job.
“I think this is a pretty cool job,” the first lady said, apologizing to her old coworkers for any offense. “But sometimes I miss like a normal life, right? Without security guards. Sometimes I miss being able to walk out the door and go wherever I want to whenever I want to. Sometimes I miss, walking around where nobody even cares whether you're there, right?”
Repeating a variation of a response she’s delivered to similar questions in the past, Obama went on to say that while living in the White House and at the center of the public eye can be trying at times, she “wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
“Sometimes we – me and the President – we dream about sneaking out of the White House and going to have ice cream and nobody really knowing who we are,” she said. “But the truth is I have a really cool job. I mean I get to have an effect on issues that really matter, and there are few jobs in the world that I could say I could ever do that.”

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