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Thursday, 24 April 2014


      By Eddy Ogunbor

When has a national Security Council meeting become a PDP only affairs? The Service Chiefs, NSA, Chies DSS, NIA, were present!!! Are we to believe that these Security Chiefs are bonafide and card carrying members of the PDP?There is no doubt about that now, as their strategy is to map out steps to take towards the 2015 elections. The situations are getting clearer to Nigerians.
Then government in all these insecurity and confusing situations found it convenient and comfortable to go on holiday for the Easter celebration, leaving Nigerians to their faith until Wednesday when government will resume to continue deliberations on the country’s security situation. A serious and responsible government will  not  go on holiday. What a decision and what a government!?
I have watched and listened to a Captain (rtd) Umar Aliyu, a Security Expert/Consultant talk on and analyse the security siotuation in Nigeria. This retired Captain has impressed Nigerians and myself going by his analysis and understanding of security lapses in the country. The questions asked by most Nigerians are:-  Why was this young officer retired? Why is government not listening to or using the analysis of this Captain? Why, as a Consultant, government will not consult with this Captain instead of those run of the mill and government paid security “Consultants” who were former this and that in the DSS, SSS, Police Force etc? Revelations of Captain Umar on the security lapses in the country, competence of our security Chiefs and the politicisation of the Nigerian Armed Forces and security agencies will shock the world.
Captain Umar Aliyu informed Nigerians and in his own words – “I sit down and listen to Security Chiefs speak,... honestly they are not on the same page with us!! He said they are not in control of the situation for political reasons or agenda of government. He therefore requested for a “rebasing” of our military or Defence sectors and security agencies. In Captain Umar’s opinion, intelligience required by the security agencies in Nigeria to solve the state of insecurity are all on the pages of our Newspapers and on TV channels. This may come as a surprise. But consider what happened in the recent Nyanya Park bombing situation and the abduction of the secondary school girls in Chibok –
1.How many eye witnesses at the scene of the bomb blast that we saw on our TV stations and read their accounts on the pages of our Newspapers were or have been invited by the security agencies for debriefing and documentation of their accounts of what they saw and what happened pre and post the incedent? We have heard and read about the eye witnesses accounts on the pages of Newspapers and on TV stations. The security agencies are still at the scene of the incedents searching and picking up debris for forensic analysis!! (2). Then the case of the abducted Chibok girls. The Newspapers and TV stations have reported the escape of some of the girls from their abductors and ever since these reports came out, the security agencies have not and did not invite any of the escapees for debriefing and documentation of accounts of their abduction, escape and escape routes of their abductors. Whatever happened to preventing and proactive security intelligence?
Government promised to tackle corruption decisively but check unresolved corruption cases:-
-          Faroukgate
-          Subsidygate
-           Bankolegate
-           Ottehgate
-          Oduahgate
-          Missing $20 billion
-          NIS Employment Scam
-          CCTV Scam
-          Eagle Square 2010 bomb blast
-          Police HQ Building bomb blast
-          UN Building bomb blast
-          Kano Motor Park bomb blast
-          Suleja Motor Park bomb blast
-          Churches bomb blast.
And many more of such unresolved corruption cases. It is always one excuse or the other by government to scuttle speedy resolve of these cases.
The patience of Nigerians is very elestic and with Nigerians, the elastic limit will take a long time in coming.
Did I miss anything on facebook during the three days mourning period? Certainly not!! I read comments by some Nigerians attempting to justify the show of shame of the ruling party by party faithfuls. Some Nigerians obviously have lost their senses of reasoning and this is the reason the country has the type of government that is insensitive to the plight of the common man.

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