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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nigerian Military admit that they lied about actual number of schoolgirls still missing.

    Nigerian Military admit that they lied about actual number of schoolgirls still missing.
    ABUJA (PSN)---The Defence Headquarters Thursday retracted its statement that about 80 of the abducted school girls have been rescued on Wednesday, with only eight of them missing or are still captives of the terrorists.

    According to the Military, it depended on field reports which it had found out to be misleading. It, therefore, confirmed the statements of the school principal and Borno State Government that the girls were yet to be rescued.
    The Principal of the school Mrs. Asabe Kwarmbula in an interview with journalists, yesterday, said: “The statement credited to the military spokesman was a blatant lie, I never spoke to the Defence Headquarters’ spokesman as widely reported by national and international media.
    “I am highly disappointed by the spokesman of the Defence Headquarters who told the media that I confirmed to him that 80 of my students who were abducted by terrorists have been rescued. From the official record I have, only 14 out of the 129 missing have been rescued as at today (Thursday)”.
    "So far, we have seen 20 students, many of whom escaped from the abductors. The principal of the school has so far received (them)," Borno state Education Commissioner Inuwa Kubo said on Thursday.
    "Many of the parents are still waiting in pain."
    A statement late on Thursday from Defence Headquarters spokesman Chris Olukolade concurred with this.
    "In the light of the denial by the principal of the school, the Defence Headquarters wishes to defer to the school principal and governor's statement on the number of students still missing and retract (the) ... earlier statement while the search continues," Olukolade said.
    Kubo had said the girls who were free had escaped, rather than been rescued by Nigerian troops. Olukolade did not comment on that claim in his statement.
    An uncle of two teenagers snatched by Boko Haram militants from the government secondary school at Chibok in Borno state said the search was still going on.
    "Two of my nieces, Laraba and Hauwa, are still missing, ... 20 other girls from our village are missing," Isaiah Rabo told Reuters by phone from Chibok. His daughter was among those who escaped from the abductors.

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