Once again, there is trouble in White House paradise. According to sources close to the couple, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are again considering divorce.
Conflicts between the Obamas may be attribute to Michelle’s lavish spending habits, sources say. The First Lady received backlash from the White House and her husband, when she refused to cancel a lavish trip to China, paid for by taxpayer dollars.
The presidential couple is already notorious for the extravagant vacations they have taken in Obama’s years as President. Michelle’s latest stunt tips the Obama’s vacation expenses to over $150 million in the last five years.
An insider told reports that the argument over China was “a blowout of epic proportions – probably the nastiest White House fight they’ve ever had.”
The source also claims that the President is powerless to stop the first lady from “seeing the world on the American taxpayers’ dime.”
What do you think—will Obama give Michelle the boot?