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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

2015: Don’t recontest, cleric tells Jonathan

2015: Don’t recontest, cleric tells Jonathan

Ahead of the 2015 general elections a Christian cleric  and President, Eclectic Network, Rev Moses Iloh has asked President Goodluck Jonathan not to re-contest for the Presidency.
In an open letter to the President, Iloh said it is begining to appear thatit is either  Jonathan is elected for a second term or there would be no Nigeria.
Besides he stated that the polity under the present administration is steadily a worrisome dimension.
He said though President Jonathan  met the country sick, he can faciliate her healing or at least apply a soothing balm.
The letter reads in part :”You met us as one Nigeria – even though currently a very sick country. You can facilitate our healing and improve our lot by applying the “Balm of Gilead”. If you cannot heal and improve our lot, please apply a soothing balm: The “balm of Gilead”. The ongoing politics is perilous and portends nothing but intent towards the destruction of a nation.
“Mr. President: I persuade you not to run for election in 2015. You are already Mr. President and as ex-President, your privileges will be immense and kept alive for as long as you live. “You will also have the privilege of being a positive reference point for politicians because of your noble act in contributing to the preservation of your country Nigeria.
“The most unfortunate thing that has happened to Nigeria during your regime is the unfettered advantage and privilege given to hypocrites, evil doers, godless and dangerous folks who found their way into your choice team of senior advisers. They are vehicles of destruction. They are hell-bent on amassing wealth and destroying Nigeria. They desperately need another four years to accomplish their devilment.
Mr. President: the goings on in Nigeria polity under your leadership is progressively taking on new, worrisome and dangerous dimensions. It is beginning to appear that Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan is either re-elected in 2015 to rule us for another four -year term or there will be no Nigeria.
May it not be so please Mr. President!
The prevailing pattern of politics and governance in Nigeria is awkward, very irresponsible, heartless and treacherous.  It sustains a season of falsehood, deceit and confusion. These add up to one word: terrorism.”
While  urging  the President to emulate the leadership style of Jesus Christ,Iloh said  mischief makers in the country should  remember that there is  God Almighty, who is the final arbiter in the affairs of mankind.

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