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Monday, 7 July 2014

Femi Fani Kayode - Politically Hungry

   by Bernard Ezenagu Anyiam 

Reuben Abati was a man formerly, usually known for his firebrand criticism against the government. His insolent, denigrating verbiages against Dame Patience, isn't something to be easily forgotten.
Yet, suddenly, no sooner than later anyone could fathom it, Mr. Abati became an instantaneously, instinctive born-again, and transformed from a bashing critic, to an apostle of Goodluck Jonathan, even producing a ten-series epistle of the president. You can call it "praise singing"! He was finally rewarded with a position in the presidency, and his mouth ultimately shut up. An anti-government critic, became a pro-government attacking wolf!
Years before the advent of Reuben Abati on the list of serial "made in Nigeria" critics, there had been the likes of Tai Solarin, Dr. Beko Ransom-Kuti, Ola Onagoruwa, and of course, our ebullient prof. Wole Soyinka. All of these were compromised by the then government, with serious, lucrative appointments. A clear evidence that those men were apparently seeking political relevance. They certainly got it!
fani-kayodeToday though, we have another person who for some time, has been politically isolated, and completely ignored. His name is: Femi Fani Kayode - a one time federal minister of aviation. A man who has since been known for his unrepentantly and now infamous "intimate relations" submission.
He has been a political flirt, changing political husbands and allegiance, as one changes hand gloves in a winter environment. Starting out with the ruling PDP, from which he was appointed by the OBJ presidency, which promoted the "politics of reward" and god-fatherism, he later prostituted with a new-born APC; daily bombarding his mentor party with opposition pronouncements. After a long wait for recognition, yet receiving none from Ahmed Tinubu, Femi (powder) Kayode, decided to make an "illegal" u-turn for a return to the PDP.
How best can one describe a doggy character in a human? A dog is well known for its filthy behaviour in vomiting, then turning round later to lick its vomit. It's not like calling a human being a dog, no, for that would amount to unparalleled denigration of a creature God made in His own image. But it won't be, and isn't out of place to compare Femi Fani Kayode's attitude to that of a dog.
Today, isn't it greatly ironical that, Mr. Kayode, whose short-lived allegiance to APC was highly celebrated by some supposedly honorable characters, is now praise-singing PDP, dancing makossa with GEJ, and ultimately labelling APC as "Almajiri United"? Note, some people made enemies for themselves in support or against Femi's switching. Today, how would these confront each other?
Practical advise is this: It isn't prudent for ordinary citizens to create unnecessary enmity amongst themselves for the sake of charlatans, jobbers, and shameless people who are ready and most willing to sacrifice their mothers for crumbs of bread. Nigerian politicians are Esau-like; a slice of bread and a red soup, is what it could only take to purchase their consciences. They are not for YOU!
Bernard Ezenagu Anyiam

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