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Friday, 1 August 2014

100 Days of Fruitless Narratives

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Did you realise that it is already 100 days since the Chibok girls went missing?
Oh yes, the events of last Wednesday by those busy bodies called BringBackOurGirls campaigners, reminded me.

You call them busy bodies? That’s not nice!
How else do you want me to describe them? Can’t you see how they have been labouring to be more Catholic than even the Pope?

You mean you do not realise that but for them, the story about the over 200 kidnapped girls would have been long forgotten? Are you not aware that there was even a denial that no girl was kidnapped? Did Madam at the top not even order the arrest of some persons demanding the release of the girls? Did the military authorities not claim the girls, except a few have all been rescued and returned to their parents? Have you forgotten? Don’t you know that if the authorities had their way, the story of the Chibok girls would have long been history?
That is not true, and stop being mischievous. The authorities have been doing everything possible to rescue the girls alive and return them home. The authorities have deployed more and more troops to the troubled zones. Do you even realise the amount of human lives (on the part of the fighting soldiers) and resources the government has lost in the dutiful task of rescuing the girls?

Really? So what is the outcome of this so-called dutiful task? The young innocent girls, whose only sin and offence is that they wanted to be educated, have remained with their demonic captors for over a 100 days now, while the government keeps parroting claims of strategic planning with the flourish of a Dues ex Machina, yet nothing visible is being achieved. Look, my brother, it is like saying a football team is so good and efficient, and yet is not able to score goals. Until the team is able to score goals and win matches, its claim to efficiency will be mere shibboleth. It is the same thing here. Whatever the government claims to be doing will amount to nothing unless and until the Chibok girls are rescued.
Yes, and that is the problem with Nigerians. We are often in a haste. We are not a patient people. We always want a wash-and-take solution to every problem. The truth is that…

(cuts in) Please hold your truth. You are just mouthing vexatious platitudes. If your daughter is among the 214 girls yet held by the Boko Haram knaves, would you say Nigerians are impatient? Answer me! Don’t just mope at me? Would you say Nigerians are impatient? This is more than 100 days after. Who can be more patient? Are we Job?
You don’t understand. Government spends One trillion Naira every year on the military. It has even gone ahead now to acquire more sophisticated military hardware, including modern  fighter helicopters fitted with in-built night vision technology. The State intelligence network  is working round the clock to tame the insurgents. They indeed avert many more attacks which the public never gets to know. They help to arrest Boko Haram kingpins, including the recent extradition of one Mr Sadiq Ogwuche, the mastermind of the Nyanya Bomb blast from Sudan. So much is being done unannounced. So it is not fair to say the government is doing nothing. That is a silly idle talk, the lingo of the opposition group.

Don’t drag politics into this discussion. You people keep dodging the issues, preferring to whip up political sentiments. Is it not a crying shame that it took a 17-year-old little girl—Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani, to make the President realize that he should see the distressed Chibok parents, 100 days after?  Is it not a shame that over 100 days after, some criminals in the name of terrorists will capture innocent people and the sitting government is still talking back and fro, yelling and pushing arguments that are not more than a headless narrative? Is it not a shame? What has politics got to do with this? As I said earlier, the bottom line of all the efforts must culminate in the release of the girls. Anything short of that is balderdash.
We must be realistic. The fight against terrorism is not the usual warfare, where you can profile and define your enemy. Here, the enemy can be your neighbor, staff, colleague. If you doubt me, ask Mr President who had said there are Boko Haram persons in his government. So how do you reasonably fight the person you cannot identify? And we must realize it is a new and strange doctrine in Nigeria: that Nigerians who are usually epicureans, will suddenly transform to become suicide bombers. We must admit that our military forces are dazed by this type of grid war, powered by new thinking. We must show understanding in this regard.

It is even more worrisome that there is no hope yet on the horizon on the girls returning. It is yet a tale of leaking hope.
It is not a leaking hope. The Nigerian military has located where the girls are. They know where the terrorists  hid them. They just do not want to apply force so it does not endanger the lives of the girls. Of what use is applying a hasty force and cause the girls to be killed by their insurgent captors?

You people are very funny. The captors have demanded that their detained colleagues be released before the girls will be released in recompense. Government has ruled out either negotiating with them, or   obliging them prisoners-swap. So there is a stalemate. No side is budging. And this has stretched for the over 100 days. So what will break the jinx now? How long shall Nigerians be punished with the trauma of hoping against hope as it concerns these girls and their parents? Are we not all victims?
You know Nigerians are very prayerful. People are fasting and praying. Churches and mosques are organizing various shades of programmes for the Chibok  girls. God will answer from heaven. And you will hear one day that the Celestial army has routed the Boko Haram criminals. And the land will be healed and restored….. Say Amen!

Amen! But I hope that after the Kaduna and Kano blasts of last Wednesday and Thursday respectively, the Celestial army will step in, take over the show and protect Nigerians from these Luciferous agents.
You have said Amen to my prayers. Leave it at that. Don’t open another chapter. Believe!

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