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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan In Last Ditch Effort To Postpone Poll!

It is desperation afoot right now at the Aso Rock, as President Goodluck Jonathan rallies cronies across the civil society, tribal and professional groups, including the lackeys in several political parties, to work out an impish plot all tending towards a common position to postpone the Presidential election slated for February 14, 2015.
It was learnt that after the Buhari alleged certificate scandal, failing health and inability to procure PVCs failed to convince Nigerians to postpone the poll, the courts presented a viable option. But that option seems to have crashed with legal experts in PDP counselling that court intervention will be exercise in futility.
That is responsible for the latest trick by PDP's spin doctors who thought out a plan to rally the critical segments of the society to howl over the danger of holding the presidential election as scheduled.
Credible sources confirmed that critical but pliable segments of the society, including civil and rights groups, tribal and professional groups and the service chiefs are meeting with select groups of political class, excluding APC, in Abuja at a parley called by the National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki, where they are to append their signatures to a prepared agreement drafted by the Presidency for the necessity to postpone the presidential election.
Sources said that with all options failing to work as expected, the latest strategy is to obtain an option similar to Arthur Nzeribe's Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) plot, whereby several interest groups would hit the media with calls to postpone the election.
The option started few days ago with some Nigerians showing up on television screens selling election postponement option.
In a scheme that appears a collaboration with some TV stations going to their banks after sharing N1billion, some Nigerians now appear on TV with the message to shift the poll.
Tonight's meeting will have a far-reaching effect on the poll that Nigerians look towards to for a change that will have beneficial effects on their lives. But those that will determine their fate tonight have no mandate for such a critical assignment.
This is a clear rebellion against Nigerians that signposts disaster for the nation's democracy, the end of which nobody can predict.
The Monitor

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