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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Buhari to Privatizatise Telecommunication, Energy, Solid Minerals, Health and Infrastructural Facilities

Tobi Soniyi in Abuja
President Muhammadu Buhari in Washington on Tuesday invited American business people to come and invest in Nigeria by taking advantage of the liberal trade and investment climate in the country.
The president, who gave the challenge at a business forum organized by the United States Chamber of Commerce and the Corporate Council on Africa, said his administration would go ahead with the ongoing privatization programme with improved moral architecture.
According to him, the privatization exercise will be expanded to include aviation, telecommunication, energy, gas, solid mineral, health and infrastructural development.
Buhari also enjoined the business communities in the United States and Nigeria to take advantage of the excellent political relations between the two nations to expand trade and investment activities including joint venture projects in priority sectors of the Nigerian economy.
He said: “It is my intention to create the necessary environment for future investment in Nigeria. We are the most populous nation with the largest market in Africa with vast human and natural resources and blessed with abandoned young skilled workforce.
“We are therefore proud candidate to become the destination of choice for United States investments in Africa.
“I work assiduously to welcome new investors to ur country.
“I will like to remain you all that we are continuing in major privatization programme with sectors ranging from telecommunication energy, gas, solid minerals, aviation, health and infrastructural development but with improved moral architecture.“

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