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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Aitete m’Ole: Be Alert As Saraki Brews Another Seditious Alcohol – By Abubakar Baba Sulaiman‎


Posted By: Amina Adams

In a moment of blind desperation, a recidivist will not only do anything to cover up his previous crimes, he would also go further to rubbish the authority managing such crimes and drag people into the mud of integrity distortion, forgetting that gravity is a law, what goes up must come down. You cannot break the law without the consequences, no matter how long it takes.
This is the situation Nigeria has found her self with someone like Bukola Saraki as her Citizen. He is a singular individual that has embarrassed the system more than any other person. The desperation to cover up his many crimes (ranging from corruption, financial and economic crimes, document forgery etc,) in order to escape justice is the reason why we are witnessing all the strange happenings in the nation’s polity. It is strange, unbelievable and alarming. He is going all out to do anything he finds doable for his personal preservation. This will not only include the use of media to castigate the system, it will also include the blackmailing of the people that are saddled with the responsibilities of prosecuting these crimes and adjudicating on justice.
 It will be hypocritically naive of anyone to feign ignorance of or pretend not to wake up to the strange dimension Bukola is introducing into our system. He is by the day teaching our younger generations how to commit crimes and escape justice. The dimensions are really alarming. For some of those who can properly define treason and can apply the appropriate rule of interpretation known to the law, with all these heaps of offences on his crime farm, Bukola shouldn’t only be prosecuted for his various financial crimes, treason and treasonable felony charges should be added to the list of these counts. The evidences are enormous and impeccable. He has bastardised the thinking of everyone that impunity is now even more celebrated by the unsuspecting public.
While I may not be absolving the EFCC Management of any complicity, I am however alarmed that such allegation is subtly orchestrated by Bukola Saraki whose entire family is entangled in one financial crimes or another. It is now the case of “aitete mu ole, ole n mu oloko”. This is what happens when a criminal is left unprosecuted for so long a time, despite the abundant evidence sgainst. He is really rupturing the System. It is so strange and sad that a criminal under investigation will now be the one to determine how the Body that is so charged to prosecute him will go about that. It is a case of attempted intimidation. To bad for him, dustbin has been provided to clean up the mess even before he litters the floor. He is just compounding his many problems.

 Crime they say is functional. That can’t be far from correct. The evasive dimension now introduced by Bukola this time has now shown us that a lot is needed to be done in the amendment of our administration of criminal justice system as well as the Acts governing financial crimes – at what point should the prosecuting agency answer questions raised concerning its operation or even allegation on self probity when by the unconscious arrangement of vicious circle, the team that is to probe such agency have among them, financial crimes suspects under investigation and prosecution by this same anti-corruption agency. Ironically, in the present National Assembly setting, a larger percentage of them are former governors or former political office holders who have one or two cases to answer concerning corruption and other financial running into billions of naira fraud. The complicity makes it look frustrating, nonetheless, with political will and fearlessness, the fight can be won once there is no compromise or fear of criticism on the part of the “executioner”.
A lot has been said about character of the man with the gavel and there is no doubt in the fact that the petition against the EFCC chairman this time is evidently suspicious and the instigation compass is pointing towards the direction of the one and only felonious and ferocious Bukola Saraki. It is almost looking like an intimidation of the anti-graft agency to drop the various financial crimes allegations against his family.
While all these were going on at the national stage, Bukola has equally been instigating another incitement and this time around to embarrass President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR. It is a doubt assault that can only be orchestrated by a fellow in typical characteristic of a man in resemblance of “Oyenusi”. I do not have any other typology to give it than that.
Having failed in his many attempts to get President Buhari’s attention, Bukola has gone further to organise a “mass rally” under the dusguuse of grand reception by “Ilorin caucus” resident in Abuja. What he doesnt know is that, as he is planning, patriotic people are watching and keeping vigil of his moves with full knowledge of his scheming.
Let me give you the full insights to the yet another “coup” in the making. Bukola approached Alhaji Kawu Baraje to help talk to some Ilorin indigene resident in Abuja to kind of organise a grand reception in his honour. While Baraje accepted the difficult task, considering the fact that responsible Ilorin elites in Abuja have long distanced themselves from the continuous embarrassing dispositions of Bukola Saraki in order to avoid any form of generalization as if all Ilorins are like him. While Baraje seems to be slow at achieving that, Mashood Mustapha, for his own selfish interest brought a card to the table, negotiated Bukola to appoint him one of his Special Advisers, promising him that with such position in his hands, he can move the mountain for him. Anyway, the mountain still remains static till now.
Their continuous scheme brought in Alhaji Saka Sa’adu who promised to cajole some of the Ilorin elders to allow them use their house. It was on this assurance that they sought to convince General Abdullahi Adambgba and Justice Alfa Belgore to either host the “reception”.
For thoss who know Bukola very well, it will be suicidal to underrate his devilishness. However, the older experience of these respected individuals, taking a cue from President Buhari’s countenance to Bukola has made them “retreat” in wisdom from hosting such a gathering.
While many people may think it just a gathering to host “one of their own”, Bukola has a plan B.
If you are wondering while I have to lump the EFCC matter with proposed gathering of Ilorin elites to host Buki together, you can only imagine the “coincidence” of the time.
Apparently, Bukola is still nagging in ignorance that there are people who are ahead of his game, no matter how “sophisticated” he plays it. By Bukola’s diary, the gathering is expected to take place today at the residence of Justice Alfa Belgore, with some northern Emirs in attendance, the same day EFCC Chairman has been “summoned” to appear before the Senate Committee for investigations.
Meanwhile, unknown to those that might attend the get together party, Bukola has gone to rent crowd to join the gathering, from where they will match the street of Abuja and to the National Assembly to discredit the EFCC and by extension President Buhari. By his plan, he will turn the event to solidarity rally in his honour, discrediting and blackmailing the President in order to give his imminent prosecution witch-hunting. Isn’t that devilish?
It will now be looking like the man President Buhari is using as EFCC chairman is compromised, painting the picture that the president’s fight against corruption is selective and devoid of good intention. He is to gather the Emirs to scandalise the President to believing that he (President Buhari) is rude to the Emirs.
However, so ignorant of him, he has failed to realise that even before he planned it, the Intel about his moves is accurate. Sahara reporters have laid credence to this submission on their latest report of the intricacies on the undercurrent that led to the petition against the EFCC Chairman.
Let me use this opportunity to advise all those that might have been coopted to do this hatchet job to be properly guided and back down if they still care about their names. Otherwise, before they know it, Bukola would have hoodwinked them into rubbing their names in the mud.
I also do wonder if people are even aware that the degree certificate purportedly obtained by Bukola Saraki is becoming a subject of doubt just as it is looking like the young man never had his time in the NYSC scheme as he might have claimed.
A man who keeps too many secrets has a lot yo fear. His restlessness know no bound because he had got a lot on his sleeves.
At this point of our history, with the advent of all these alien scheming by Bukola, I think the issue now has gone beyond the management of corruption and penalty for fraud, rather, the big issue now is the urgent need to save the system from complete destruction, preventing this criminal norms from being internalised by the living and coming innocent generations. If we leave the system this vulnerable, Bukola will infect it with atomic WMD.
My take. It is my submission that the any further delay in properly handling Bukola Saraki may be detrimental to the collective existence of every other Nigerian. His strange and criminal strategies to evade prosecution will not only destroy the system in soonest time, it will also transmit the virus to the younger and coming generations. The time to properly handle him is now. The multiplicity of his offences ranging from forgery, certificate falsification, perjury, corruption, etc should ordinarily have stripped him of any privileges. His trial shouldn’t even a month before he would be sent to hus natural abode – Kuje.
If this man (Bukola Saraki) is not stopped now from destroying the system, he will stop the system from working.
When the system is ready to do this, reactionary noises should be disregarded – JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!

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