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Friday, 19 February 2016


March 2015.
In 1984, Onyeka Onwenu wrote and presented the internationally acclaimed BBC/NTA documentary called “Nigeria, A Squandering of Riches”. It became the definitive film about corruption in Nigeria as well as the intractable Niger Delta agitation for resource control and campaign against environmental degradation in the oil rich region of Nigeria.
In the 80's Onyeka Onwenu was in the crusade against corruption in the country. That was against the corrupt administration of President Shehu Shagari NPN ruling party. Onyeka was applauded and celebrated for her display of courage.
Because of the prevalent corruption in the Shehu Shagari administration, Nigerians unanimously clarmoured for a military takeover that ushered in the corrective regime of General Muhammadu Buhari.
Nigerians, Onyeka included, welcomed the Buhari regime and celebrated it.
It is also on record that Onyeka in this democracy tried to expose the corruption in the local government administration. She therefore decided to venture into politics seeking election as Chairman in her local government.
The irony however, is that she pitched tent with PDP, a party by all measure imaginable, the most corrupt and inept administration in the political history of Nigeria.
The salient question is: Was Onyeka sincere in her anti-corruption crusade in the 80's or was she just seeking cheap popularity? What prompted her 360 degree turn to pitch her tent with the most widely acclaimed corrupt administration in Nigeria?
Stomach infrastructure? Failed musical career? Failed acting career in Nollywood or simply sycophancy?
Onyeka Onwenu presents a pathetic image seen around Madam P's cheerleaders in campaign rallies.
What a complete TURN AROUND?
Eddy Ogunbor.

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