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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Distinguished Gentlemen of the Press,
The APC 2016 Governorship Campaign tour of local government are on going followed by massive rallies.

It is worth noting here, that the APC Governorship Candidate in Edo State  Dr, Godwin Obaseki has used the days of intensive campaigns to unveil his blueprint of job growth, industrialization, human capacity development- all anchored on the plank of sustainable development, and those hopeful and lofty messages resonated across the state as witnessed by the massive and mammoth crowd of supporters that showed up at campaign stops.
The Obaseki /Shaibu  2016 Governorship campaigns was flagged-off with a humongous rally at Benin  where Dr.Godwin Obaseki assured his teeming supporters that he will turn the state into an economic hub through an aggressive industrialization and agricultural revolution programs once elected into office.
Addressing a mammoth crowd at Benin , he told them that his vision for the State was to consolidate the gains brought about by Governor  Adams  Oshiomhole infrastructural renaissance and to open up the state to the world through industrialization and job growth.
Gentlemen, at this point I wish to state that the tremendous show of support has been made possible by the message of hope that the APC  Candidate, Dr. Godwin Obaseki has been preaching allover the state- a message of wealth creation, Jobs for our teeming youths, industrialization, human capacity development, and agricultural renaissance among others.
He has promised to ensure job creation through the creation of a vibrant industrial atmosphere that will boost entrepreneurship and human capital development. He added that his administration will also focus on the overall well-being of a common man by providing employment and empowerment for all.
Obaseki at every turn has thanked the people of the State for their massive show of support to his aspiration and extended an olive branch to other aspirants of the APC  in the Governorship race to come back home and join in the task of building the State, emphasizing that sustainable development can best be driven by peace, unity and harmony.
In their separate messages at the various campaigns rallies, different notable chieftains and party elders have consistently described  Godwin Obaseki as a product of thorough research and divinity with proven intellectual capacity to take the state to the next level and pledged their total support to ensure that he is elected the next governor of our state.
The Edo South People have disclosed that they have no other governorship candidate to support other than Dr. Godwin Obaseki , and appreciated the leadership of the APC in the state, Governor  Oshionmhole , the State Caucus of the party, State Working Committee, and stakeholders in the state on their decision to zone the governorship seat to the Senatorial district, and they promised that Obaseki,  their son will not disappoint the state.
In summary, all the stakeholders and political stalwarts and elders who spoke at rallies have constantly described Obaseki as the right man imbued with the needed capacity, credentials and character that will sustain the current tempo of transformation witnessed in the state, pointing out that the time has come for industrialization of the entire state, and solicited support from all to enable the governorship hopeful actualize his blueprint for the state.Most of the endorsements and support enjoyed currently by Dr. Godwin  Obaseki  and the  APC ahead of the general elections have been based on his track record of achievements in both private and public sectors, and his blueprint and governance platform which the people believed in.
The State Governor Comrade  Adams  Oshiomhole  has remained a great teacher and leader in the State, has repeatedly pointed out that his decision to support Godwin Obaseki as the next governor of the State was borne out of his desire to leave the sustenance of the legacies brought about by his government, in capable hands.
But the greatest support the team has so far enjoyed has been from the respectable royal fathers in each local government areas, who have respectively granted Dr, Obaseki  their blessings with intense prayers for his ambition. The same can also be said of the various socio-cultural groups, and political organizations who on their own have been drumming support for the APC Governorship candidate and the APC  at large.
We commend all of you gentlemen of the Press for your selfless efforts in propagating the activities of the campaigns in your respective tabloids, print and social channels and we are sure that your belief in the  Obaseki /Shaibu  2016, project convinced you to carry out these gestures. To ensure that the memories of the events are effectively shared, we engaged in the live streaming of most of the rallies via the social media while others where beamed live on the terrestrial television and the cable TV. It could be seen then that Obaseki /Shaibu  2016 Campaign has maintained an issue-based campaign that clearly highlights his vision to take the state to the next level, and had eschewed all forms of  chicanery or character assassination and we will love to use this opportunity to advice other political parties to embrace peace and avoid actions capable of igniting ethnic or political tension in the state.
We hereby use this opportunity to most especially thank the Edo  people for their momentous support and solidarity with the  APC in the State under the leadership of His Excellency the Governor, Comrade  Adams  Oshiomhole . This support can be seen in the light of the recent spate of endorsements, and solidarity carnivals by different sections of the Edo society. They include 15 Transport union and affiliate groups that assembled under the aegis of Edo Transporters, to adopt Dr, Godwin Obaseki, as their candidate. Following suit, were the traders in the major markets in the state that voluntarily came together to endorse Dr .Godwin Obaseki and the APC  as their preferred choice during the general elections. Previously, petty Businessmen, the Amalgamation of Labour Movements in the State among others had thrown their full weight behind the APC governorship hopeful.

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