Saturday, 11 March 2017


By: Eddy Ogunbor.

Rab-ble-rous-er: (noun) : a person who speaks with the intention of inflaming the emotions of a crowd  of people typically for political reasons.
En-fant-terr-ble: (noun) : a person whose unconventional or controversial behavior or ideas shock, embarrass, or annoy others.
Ebun Adegboruwa first caught my attention some years ago when he and some other residents around Lekki and VGC Estate led protest against Lagos State government in an attempt to stop or disrupt the Toll Gate project on Lekki/Epe Express Way.
The reason, understandably, was the fares  residents in the area will have to always pay daily at the Toll gate, especially to and fro work places for those working in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lagos Island and Mainland. Residents demanded for alternative routes away from the Toll gate and possibly through VGC Estate.
As credible and justifiable as their demands were, it was of opinion that Adegboruwa and protesters (including Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw and CSO activist, Yemi Adamolekun) should have constructively engaged Lagos State government stating their demands. Whatever it was, the state government stood its grounds. Though the project was temporarily stalled, Adegboruwa and Company had successfully shot themselves into limelight and consciousness of the Nigerian public. Mission accomplished for them.
When, however, Kate Henshaw and Yemi Adamolekun eventually had to appear on national TV to present Nigerians the reasons for their protest and opposition to the Toll gate project, they sadly sounded not convincing.
Cast your mind back to when same group of supposed activists ( Adegboruwa & Co) took on the NASS, and complaining that salaries and emoluments of NASS members were grossly bloated and thereafter led a protest to the NASS. It was a pathetic sight when Senator Udoma Egba, Senate Majority Leader at the time, gave the protest leaders a lecture of their lives that made Yemi Adamolekun speechless and could not thereafter make any meaningful response to Senator Udoma Egba.  They dispersed with their tails in between their legs. The point is that they failed to articulate their position with informed evidence and facts against NASS members before embarking on the protest. Again, they gained an undeserved public recognition, limelight and cheap popularity.
Ebun Adegboruwa is, according to him, a member of the RCCG and “adopted son” of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, G.O of the RCCG. When, unexpectedly Pastor Adeboye decided to step aside as the G.O of the RCCG some few months ago, Ebun Adegboruwa, again hit the limelight  immediately  by writing a piece on the “Pastor Enoch Adeboye I know”. He poured encomiums on Pastor Adeboye almost to a point of sycophancy. He and some members of the RCCG took on the erstwhile C.E.O of the FRCN, Mr. Jim Obazee, questioning his audacity to take on the G.O and forcing him to step aside. They saw it as witch hunting, even though the orthodox Churches had complied with the financial regulation in question. They blackmailed Mr. Obazee in both print and social media.
Few days later, when Pastor Adeboye had to make some clarifications on his “stepping down” statement, Adegboruwa threathened a court action against Pastor Adeboye. Another limelight and cheap popularity stance. I am yet to read about the outcome of his publicized court action.
On January 19, 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari wrote to the Senate President that he was proceeding on a 10 day medical leave and in his absence, the Vice President will act as President. This was followed thereafter, on the expiration of the initial 10 days, by another letter requesting for extension of leave on the opinion of his Doctors. All hell was let loose by Adegboruwa  and he came firing from all cylinders.
Adegboruwa circulated on the print and social media an alarming and disturbing article with false information, alerting Nigerians that a vacuum will be created in the Executive and Judicial arms of government leading to a total breakdown of law and order in the country. Gullible Nigerians, home and abroad bought into his argument, hook, line and sinker without properly informing themselves of the relevant constitutional requirement/position, the steps taken by the President and the prevailing situation on ground.
There were however, three issues at stake that Adegboruwa mischievously hammered on:
-          Confirmation of the appointment of the acting CJN.
-          Confirmation of appointment of the acting Chairman of the EFCC
-          The tenure of the VP in acting capacity would have lapsed without renewal.

Adegboruwa ignored facts therefore insinuated that a vacuum will be created in the Executive and Judiciary arms of government and the EFCC. However, there was indeed a letter from the President to the Senate requesting for extension of his leave. But Senate was on recess and the letter could not be read at the time, though the letter was delivered and received at the NASS. That does not create a vacuum in the Presidency, as there was an acting President on ground, therefore by implication should continue in the acting capacity until resumption of the NASS.
Secondly, the acting CJN had acted for a period of 90 days and the NJC, not the Presidency, headed by the acting CJN was supposed to have written to the Presidency requesting for an extension for a further 90 days for the acting CJN. This the NJC did in the last minute of the first 90 days. This, also was in order avoiding a vacuum and ensuring continuity.
The Senate, before the recess, had rejected the confirmation of DCP Ibrahim  Magu as substantive Chairman of the EFCC as requested by the President. The rejection of Magu’s confirmation by the Senate does not foreclose the issue of confirmation as the President can resubmit his name. This, we are informed has been processed by the acting President.
The acting President has sworn in the CJN after confirmation received from the Senate. And the letter requesting confirmation of Ibrahim Magu will be attended to eventually by the Senate. Magu stays on as the acting EFCC Chairman. Curiously, Adegboruwa has withdrawn his case from the courts following superior opinion of his lawyer over his(Adegboruwa) opinion.
At every point and every issue of national interest, Ebun Adegboruwa misleads and misinforms Nigerians for self-interest. Nigerians should watch him closely and not take him seriously. He is not the defender of the masses he wants us to believe.
The often used cliché of “take the message and not the messenger” in the case of Ebun Adegboruwa should be discarded.
The issue of the acting EFCC Chairman will be addressed.
The CJN has been confirmed and sworn in.
There was/is an acting President and
The President is back.
Long live President Muhammadu Buhari!!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!