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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


 GMB means different thing to different ppl. To some he is "hope". To others doom. In 1983 Chadian troops invaded and occupy Nig villages. As GOC 3 Armoured Division he org a counter attack and pushed d Chadians 60 km into their hinterland. Pres Shagari was irked GMB acted unilateraly. He was to be sanctioned. D mil acted 1st. On 31 Dec 83 GMB became d HOS. He embarked on a crusade against corruption. All but 2 govs escaped corruption charges. Others receive fm 25-250 years in jail. He appointed 19 govs. 11 were christians, 7 muslims and 1 pagan. In his 20mths reign: 1.Enhanced d value of Naira fm 3.25 to $1 to N1=$1 2.Inflation down fm 23% to 4%. 3. Seized hoarded foodstuff and sold to public at controlled prices. 4.Introduced counter trader traded which lifted pressure on demand for foreign exchange.. 5.Rejected IMF-World Bank advice to devalue d Naira. 6. Created War Against Indiscipline (WAI) Brigade to enforce discipline orderliness on d public. Commuters rushing to board buses, urinating and littering d public attracted imm sanction. 7. He proved he could step on toes by detaining Oni of Ife and Emir of Kano for travelling abroad witout govt consent. We r advocating for a GMB return cos as sure as thunder after lightening he will recover stolen funds, seize property and assets of corrupt politicians. That is what PDP is scared of. Their fears are our sources of hope and drive. In d absence of any stain in his record, PDP embarked on an aggressive drive to villify him. He is no ethnicist. His daughter is married to an Anambran. He is no religious bigot, his key staff are all christians. He has thrown a challenge. Any1 whom he has mistreated on account of religion o ethnic back ground should come out in d public and say so. In the interim he swore that he has never stolen public funds. He dared Dr GEJ TO SAY THE SAME.

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