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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Could it be corruption or just plain competition: The real reason why Muhammad Pate resigned

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“I have accepted the position of a visiting professor at the Duke University’s Global Health Institute, U.S.A, in which capacity I will be involved in an Africa-wide initiative and will also likely serve as Senior Adviser to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation based in Washington DC. These new roles will complement my offer to Mr. President to continue part-time service in support of Nigeria’s polio eradication and the Saving One Million Lives initiative”
These were the words of Muhammad Ali Pate who resigned his appointment voluntarily as the Minister of State for Health on 24 July. due to the reasons above reasons. Muhammad Pate’s two years as the Minister of State for Health has been described by even the biggest critics in Nigeria as one of the best so far, as he implemented innovative and efficient policies in the health Sector.
However, a report on Monday gave a new dimension to the reasons why Dr. Mohammed Pate resigned as Minister, infact sources at the Presidency confirmed that Pate resigned due to the high level of nepotism in the country’s civil service coupled with his irreconcilable differences with the present Minister of Health , Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu.
News have it that the two ministers have had disagreement on many occasions on issues concerning delegation of powers and duties and were rarely seen together in the past year. The cold war was quite visible during the last World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, where both Pate and Chukwu didn’t sit together.
The report, published in the Guardian, also noted that when the former Minister resigned he acknowledged every person he worked with including his driver and security, but the name of the Minister of Health was not mentioned.
Did Pate mistakenly leave out his boss’s name or what?

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