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Monday, 5 August 2013

Orji Uzo Kalu is Abia’s Greatest Mistake – Gov Orji

Being text of a press statement by Cosmos Ndukwe, cheif of staff to the executive governor of Abia State on the misleading report in SUN Newspaper – May I reiterate my confidence in you to all things be custodians of the truth. You belong to one of the noblest professions in the world. If there are a few persons who are bringing disrepute to the
profession, then it is very unfortunate.
The attention of the State Government has been drawn to a report credited to one OKEY SAMPSON of SUN NEWSPAPER on a purported curse by MASSOB placed on the State Government officials. Without any intention of joining issues with the owner of SUN who is Abia’s greatest mistake; it is important to remind him that we have too much on our hands to attend to owing to the rot he supervised for the eight years he was in office as Governor of Abia State. May be he does not know, statements made by individuals ought not to be credited to the State Government as the State has not issued any official statement regarding Aba; rather we are busy remedying the disaster caused by the same person who was here for 8 years
If the best he could do is to offer his platform for the cursing of Abia State Government, we will therefore say without mincing words that the man who saved Aba from massive flooding and opened up to their roads in the last one year has no business with the curse. The curse should be gladly welcomed by a former Governor who cannot point to one good road in Aba now as his parting gift to Aba people.
SUN NEWSPAPERS have not paid their staff for four months. That is newsworthy. In the history of Abia, we have had a Governor who did eight years and built Abia on the pages of newspaper, who lived in a rented Government House and had civil servants operate from make shift blocks. That is newsworthy.
We are used to the antics of a man in dire need of attention and support. We do not intend to dress him in such borrowed robes. No amount of subterfuge, blackmail or artifice from this propaganda paper and their confusionist owner would deter us from cleaning the heap of rot in Abia State. Aba in particular is still work in progress.
Nnaji Obed Asiegbu
SA e-Governance & Strategy
to the Abia State Governor

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