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Sunday, 29 December 2013

The last thing a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”

i'm gonna tell God everything
This picture is haunting and it’s been floating around the internet with the sentence:
The last sentence a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”
And that’s equally haunting.  It’s impossible to verify but the picture tells a story about the pain and suffering that exists in Syria right now.  There are many in the media who would like to say this is because president Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless killer.  And that’s half true.  Like other government leaders – he has engaged in war and with that war has come the death of tens of thousands and the displacement of over 1 million Syrians now living in refugee camps.
But this hasn’t always been the case.  This is the inevitable result of a covert war being waged by the U.S., Israel and other Sunni countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Our interests in taking down the Syrian dictator al-Assad are all about geo-politics.  If we take out Syria – we neuter Iranian influence in the region.  It has gotten so bad that al-Qaeda is now fighting on the same side as the United States government and Bashar al-Assad and his government are fighting al-Qaeda (source).  And Syrians are all the victim of this massive global covert proxy war.
It has gotten to the point where we don’t even know if the chemical weapons that were used in Syria were the result of al-Qaeda or the Syrian government (source).  When it comes to matters of intelligence and propaganda – it’s very hard to discern truth from fiction.  But no one can deny that Syria was a very stable country until we decided to go in all guns blazing.  We’re not bringing democracy to the world – that’s the sound of imperialism baby.
And this is what that looks like in pictures … this is what American imperialism brings the world:IAcknowledge


  1. do you know what actually happened to the boy?....really sad though :(

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