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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ike Ikechukwu Mbachu's status.

I am impressed. Written by someone who is not Bini. I am proud. Not because I am from Benin but proud of Ike Ikechukwu Mbachu. This is a detribalized Nigerian and should be emulated. Thanks Ike for this objective write up on Benin. I will cherish it.  - Eddy Ogunbor

In my next life; apart from my present tribe, if I was asked to chose a tribe,I will gladly chose the Edo tribe. I will chose to be an Edo man, not bcos this is where I was born and spent nearly all my years in Nigeria and acquired all my education. Primary, secondary, and University. I will not chose it bcos the Edos are the most "de-tribalized" tribe in Nigeria. People ask me why it is so difficult to pigeon hole myself into a particular tribe, I simply say bcos of the way and the town I was raised up. I was raised in a street in Benin city, where tribes played essentially no role. In the street I grow in, people cared less about where one came from. We were all one. I digress. Sorry.
Okay, I will like to be a Benin man bcos of the respect they accord their tradition. The core traditional Benin man does not joke with his tradition and culture. Especially they don't joke with their traditional ruler, His Royal Majesty Omo n'Oba n'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Erediauwa I. The next thing to God in Benin city is the Oba literally. And boy! does the Oba respect himself?? For me, I will say he is the best traditional ruler I have ever seen in the world. Unlike the pretenders in the East calling themselves Igwe and the rogues in the North calling themselves Emirs, the Oba respects his heritage, he administers his throne with candor, with panache, He knows what is expected of him, this is why you will never hear him speak flippantly. His speeches are always measured and full of wisdom. Not for the Oba the childish display of wealth, not for the Oba, puerile politicking,not for the Oba to talk from both sides of the mouth. Not for the Oba gallivanting around the globe with lasses young enough to be his daughters in the name of celebrating his birthday. The Oba doesn't treat his throne like a relic which in reality most traditional stools in Nigeria are. He knows he is the custodian of a great heritage called the Benin kingdom, He knows the culture, dignity and respect of millions of Binis rest on his shoulders. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE OBA POSE IN FRONT OF ANOTHER PALACE TALK LESS OF ONE IN ENGLAND! Like we say in Benin slang "ororo no dey fail, Oba no dey go transfer" Meaning the Oba is as constant as the northen star in his Palace. He seldom leaves his palace. People come to him, he doesnt go to people.
I am saying all these bcos of the Western Czar who has decided to belittle his throne and his cultural heritage by strutting around the streets of London displaying his female trophies wearing skin-clutching trousers and posing in front of the palace of a queen who should normally be his equal. This is an aberration! And should not be encouraged!

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