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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Most Nigerians were taken aback by Bishop Kukah's recent comments because he was canvassing sympathy for GEJ's regime. Not stopping at that he went further to launch wholesale attack on the vision, nature and pace of PMB's govt in what appears to many as purely partisan tirade. His position was neither diplomatic, religious nor statesmanlike. Bishop Kukah has on this issue disappointed many. The outrage expressed by the public, to me is understandable
Again many would dispute the contention that Bishop Kukah 'is and was a principal actor in the coming of PMB'. Read below what one foremost columnist said - "Let it be bluntly and boldly stated that the Peace Committee is not about peace at all. It materialized as a last ditch ruling class initiative to force Gen. Buhari to accept dishonourable defeat and hence to stave off the revolutionary turmoil and anarchy that would have accompanied electoral miscarriage. It is a wearisomely familiar Nigerian ploy to impose 'peace' in the absence of social and political justice...........
Available reports indicate that some of members of the committee were already privately gloating about the inevitability of a Jonathan victory.
They came to bury Buhari and not to praise him. But it bombed spectacularly.
Perhaps this is one of the 'spectacular' things that Jonathan did which Bishop Kukah referred to with deliberately oblique disingenuity'
- The trial of Bishop Kukah (Snooping Around, by Tatalo Alamu, page 3, the Nation, 23/8/15)
And lastly here is another view from an astute admirer of Bishop Kukah. Writing in Daily Trust, Timawus Mathias says - "One of Bishop Kukah's reasons for canvassing against any subjection of President Jonathan to a probe is that Jonathan 'did his best'....I am not surprised that the Bishop is this much protective of President Jonathan. It his calling to forgive if the sinner confesses and does penance..... Yet against the daily revelations of humongous pillages under Jonathan's watch, the Bishop seemed compromised, and hence contradictory and incoherent"
- What does Bishop Kukah want?
- Timawus Mathias (Daily Trust page 58, 26/8/15)

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