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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


"It is time for Nigerians to stand for something and the only hope in this generation is Buhari." - Idowu
And that is where I stand in this debate.
I have sympathy for Nnaanyi Agomoh's argument to give the minority a chance, for every reason any can conjure, including the fact that one is part minority.
But my nature never fails to give in to experience and wisdom over self and fraternity. It is more so as the argument concerns affairs of state and leadership and management there of.
Nowhere is experience and wisdom more needed for leadership, than in a long ruined country like Nigeria. Thanks to the political party called PDP and its 12 long years reign of ruin.
If our senses were to guide us right, the one to lead the country now, is the man who began steering the ship of state aright a few decades ago, Buhari, but unfortunately for Nigeria, was stopped by rascals led by baabangida, who began a reign of plunder in 1986, which the PDP took to a different level, since it took the helm in 1999.
Experience, wisdom, and stregnth of character are to pave ways and mend ways for the young that must in time take the helm for the rest of the miles Nigeria must run in our life time.
The young that prided themselves as "under 50s", had a chance to prove their worthiness as leaders of their country starting in 1999.
What a disastrous outing it was for the "under 50s"! Instead of marking their presence as leaders of their country, they marked their presence, as plunderers of their country.
Let us call the turn of the so-called young of Nigeria, a turn postponed. It is my turn, too, postponed. 
Wisdom, experience and strength of character must reign to cleanse the dirt left behind by "under 50s", before they could try their hands once again at leadership.
Buhari is the one that fits the time, he is the one to make the leadership of the young possible and successful, once he is done implementing the needed remedy in a country so dastardly abused.

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